Loretta Lynn’s Son, Ernie Lynn, In Need Of Prayers After Being Hospitalized

Loretta Lynn’s Son, Ernie Lynn, In Need Of Prayers After Being Hospitalized | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Loretta Lynn’s Son Ernest “Ernie” Lynn Has Struggled With His Health In Recent Months

Ernest “Ernie” Lynn, a country singer and the son of late country music legend Loretta Lynn, is back in the hospital after struggling with his health in recent months.

On January 23, a post on Loretta’s official social media pages shared the news that Enrie underwent “a critical surgery as a result of kidney failure earlier that day. The Lynn family kindly asked people to keep Ernie in their prayers.


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Ernie’s wife, Crystal, shared he previously had two surgeries before undergoing the operation on January 23. Writing on Facebook, Crystal emphasized the importance of the surgery and what it meant for Enrie.

“It is a life-saving and life-sustaining operation, so we desperately need it to work this time so that they don’t have to take more drastic measures,” she said.

Ernie experienced some ups and downs in the immediate days after the surgery. But his condition finally started to improve, and Crystal gave all the credit to God.

Then, on April 3, Crystal made another prayer request. She shared that Ernie is hoping to receive a new kidney:

We would appreciate your prayers asking for God’s influence and favor so that Ernie may receive approval for this procedure, as a new kidney would drastically improve his quality of life, length of life, and of course his emotional and mental health,” Crystal said.

The following day (April 4), Crystal shared they didn’t have an official decision at that time regarding a kidney transplant. But they hoped to get some news in a few weeks.

Ernie’s Wife, Crystal Lynn, Provides Update On His Condition

Then, on April 30, Crystal shared that Ernie has been hospitalized again. She said:

With my husband’s permission, I share with you that Ernie is back in the hospital again tonight….he’s been in and out of it a couple of times this week. More issues have presented themselves, and although ‘pretty routine’ for the doctors, it’s very scary for us.”

She continued:

I’m scared…..His family is scared…..We CAN’T lose him……..He can’t stay sick and leave things the way they are though…..There are risks no matter what we do, which is why once again, I’m here to ask for your prayers and positive energy.”

Loretta Lynn with her son Ernie
Crystal Lynn / Facebook

Crystal shared that Ernie was having “an exploratory procedure” on May 1 “to see what’s causing the issues that he is experiencing.

She went on to share her hopes that Ernie will recover and eventually be approved for a kidney transplant. In closing, she asked everyone to please keep Ernie in their prayers, and thanked them for all the praying they’ve done so far.

You can read Crystal’s full post below.

Ernie is one of six children Loretta Lynn welcomed with her husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. They shared two sons and four daughters (including twins Peggy and Patsy). The couple’s eldest children, Betty Sue and Jack Benny, passed away in 2013 and 1984.

We’ll be praying for Ernie’s complete recovery and will keep the entire Lynn family in our prayers as well.

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