Reba Reveals Not-That-Fancy Valentine’s Day Plans With Boyfriend Rex

Reba Reveals Not-That-Fancy Valentine’s Day Plans With Boyfriend Rex | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE via Sonic

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, McEntire shared her Valentine’s Day plans while debuting a fresh new ‘Sweetheart Meal’ collaboration with Sonic.

Reba McEntire and her boyfriend Rex Linn have a Valentine’s Day tradition that they don’t plan on breaking anytime soon: spending it at Sonic.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day for us. We’re just silly, goofy people in our 60s that love life [and] love each other. We have fun. We’re dorky, goofy, and we have similar interests in just about everything, so it’s just fun all the time,” McEntire expressed.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 09: Reba McEntire and Rex Linn attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 09, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Sara Kauss/FilmMagic)
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Introducing The ‘Sweetheart Meal’

The country icon recently introduced the ‘Sweetheart Meal’ at her favorite date-night spot.

She exclusively revealed to PEOPLE on Feb. 8 that she is joining forces with Sonic to introduce the special meal, which she will be sharing with Linn to celebrate the romantic holiday.

“Rex and I love Sonic,” McEntire shared.

Her signature meal, featuring a fully-loaded cheeseburger, tater tots, and the all-new chocolate-covered strawberry shake, will hit Sonic locations on Feb. 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“We’re going to be here in Nashville, and we’re going to go to Sonic,” McEntired said. “We’re going to hit it and have our favorites. We might even try something new maybe for dessert.”

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE via Sonic

Reba McEntire’s Sonic Favorites

“I love the footlong [quarter pound] coney. I love their ice. Their ice is the best. Of course, cherry limeade, I love that. I love all their shakes. But this chocolate-covered strawberry shake, I bet I had two of them when we were shooting the commercial. I absolutely love it.”

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE via Sonic

Even prior to this collaboration, McEntire has consistently expressed her fondness for Sonic, making appearances on talk. shows such as Late Night With Seth Meyers to divulge her tater tot “recipe.”

During their conversation, Meyers posed the question we’re all been eager to hear: What is Reba’s tater tot recipe? She gladly responded, and her answer might not be quite what you anticipate.

“You get in your car and you put it in reverse. Get out of the garage and drive down the road and you find your nearest Sonic. Pull in the entrance, not the exit. And you pull in one of them little slots and you push that red button and you say, ‘Can I have me some tater tots? And I hope they don’t say we’re out.”

Reba McEntire’s Love For Tater Tots

While the iconic country music superstar is renowned for her chart-topping hits and enduring career, she’s equally adored for her friendly and down-to-earth personality.

McEntire has openly talked about her love for the classic American comfort food many times before. Her deep love for this crispy snack even has a touching story behind it.

In an interview with TODAY, McEntire revealed the endearing nicknames that she and Rex have for each other, which were decided towards the beginning of their relationship.

Reminiscing on a dinner she and Rex had out with friends, the singer shared, “On the menu was tater tots and I just went nuts because I love tater tots. And so, Rex is famous for giving people nicknames and he said, ‘That’s yours.'”

“I’m tater tot. He’s sugar tot. We’re the tots!”


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Last Valentine’s Day, the couple commemorated the occasion with tater tots from Sonic, with McEntire declaring it a “wonderful Valentine’s dinner.”

We predict a lot more Valentine’s Day Sonic dates for this couple!

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