Dolly Parton Sleeps In Full Makeup In Case Of Emergencies

Dolly Parton Sleeps In Full Makeup In Case Of Emergencies | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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You Never Know When An Emergency Could Force You Out of Your Bed and Right Into the Lens of the Paparazzi    

Dolly Parton’s latest book, “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones,” is filled with the tales and tricks of her iconic sense of style. In it, the country icon reveals that she has been sleeping in a full face of makeup since the 1980s – and dermatologists everywhere cringe. 

The “9 to 5” singer says she does this to be prepared for any emergencies that might cause her to leave her house in the middle of the night: 

When I arrived in LA in the ’80s, I started sleeping with my makeup on, partly because of the earthquakes. I thought, ‘I’m not heading out on the streets without makeup in case there are cameras out there! I’m going to be ready to go!’

Parton writes that this ritual remains even now that she lives in Tennessee and outside of earthquake territory. She says that she doesn’t want to go to bed “looking like a hag” next to her husband of over 50 years, Carl Dean


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Dolly Parton’s Unorthodox Beauty Routine 

While you’d be hard-pressed to find a skincare expert who would endorse Dolly Parton’s makeup habits, Parton writes that it “doesn’t matter when you clean your face” as long as you clean it daily. She adds: 

After I wake up, I do all the little rituals, and then I start over again and go out every day and look good all day long.

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Dolly Parton’s Love For Makeup Began When She Was A Young Girl 

As recounted in her book, Parton’s love for makeup began at a young age when she was growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. She recalls that her family didn’t have money to buy cosmetics, so she would concoct her own using things she could find around the house. 

Pokeberries were major because you could mash them up and make a stain that — boy! — takes forever to come off. I would paint my lips with that,” Parton remembers. 

I also used household goods to make homemade cosmetics. I’d strike one of Mama’s long wooden kitchen matches, put a little spit on the end of it, and use that to color in my eyebrows and my beauty mark.

To this day, Dolly Parton’s signature look remains arguably as recognizable as her music. 

See Dolly Parton talk about her new book, “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones” below!

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