Young George Strait Blushes When Asked What Makes Him Sexy

Young George Strait Blushes When Asked What Makes Him Sexy | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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A 1986 George Strait interview shows an adorable and humble side of the star as he is asked some rather uncomfortable question like…”What is it about you, George, that’s so sexy?”

The mid-80s found George Strait well into his country music career with seven albums to six credit, if you include his Greatest Hits project. He had also filmed a full-length television concert special in his home state and been named Male Artist of the Year by the CMAs twice. But, if you had asked George about his success, he would have told you that he didn’t understand it.

A rare Entertainment Tonight clip from 1986 shows George Strait being asked about his unprecedented album sales. When asked how he did it, George humbly replied, “I don’t know. I’m not kidding you when I say that,” Strait laughed. “It’s just uh…wonderful, isn’t it?”

When the questions turned a little more personal, a rarely flustered Strait couldn’t hide his “aw, shucks” demeanor. “What is it about you, George, that’s so sexy,” the interviewer asked the 33-year-old singer.

“You’re gonna have to tell me, ‘cuz I certainly don’t know, you know?” George gushed. “I don’t look in the mirror and say ‘What is it about you, George?'”

The ET host then told George that there was one question his female fans were dying to know. Does he sleep in pajamas?

George responded with a laugh before saying, “No, I don’t. No pajamas for this guy.”

At the time of the interview, George Strait had already been married 15 years and had two kids.


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George Strait would go on to become the King of Country, establishing one of the longest and most well-respected careers in country music. To date, Strait has charted 60 No. 1 songs, sold more than 120 million records, and won too many awards to count, cementing his place in country music history as one of the best there ever was.

See George Strait’s rare interview with Entertainment Tonight below. 

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