Willie Nelson’s Son Micah Takes Time Off Amid Health Struggles

Willie Nelson’s Son Micah Takes Time Off Amid Health Struggles | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Micah Nelson, Willie Nelson’s Youngest Son, Announces Break To “Recover And Rest” Amid Health Issues

Willie Nelson‘s youngest son, Micah Nelson, is taking time off to rest after dealing with some health problems in recent weeks.

In early September, Micah announced he had to cancel a run of shows. He was “experiencing extremely debilitating vertigo,” which he first attributed to being BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

It’s super intense and nauseating and pretty much constant…” he said. His post continued:

Anyway getting on airplanes all the other stuff that comes with touring is probably the last thing I should do when I can hardly walk across the room without feeling like I’m gonna puke and fall over.”

Micah Nelson onstage at Farm Aid
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In an update on September 12, Micah said they discovered the true cause of the vertigo was Vestibular Neuritis, not BPPV. He explained:

Basically the vestibular nerve of my right inner ear which sends motion/balance signals to by brain got damaged somehow, probably from some internal virus…This effects my sense of motion and balance in very disorienting ways.

Micah said total recovery could take six weeks. But he was “determined to beat that timing.”


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Micah Nelson Shares Health Update, Says He’s Taking Some Time Off

In addition to performing solo under the name Particle Kid, Micah is a member of Willie’s “Family” band. He performs lead and backing vocals in the group and also plays guitar.

On Thursday (October 5) Micah announced he’s taking some time off from performing in order to relax and recover from his health issues. Thankfully, he is starting to feel better.

Micah said:

Hey folks Thank y[o]u for all your support and patience during my recent health journey. It has been a wake up call for me to find some balance in my life. I literally lost my sense of balance…Pretty clear message..the vertigo is mostly verti-gone at this point, but…haven’t unpacked my bag for 3 years straight.. I have decided to take October off from touring to stay home and fully recover and rest for once.”


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A post shared by Micah Nelson (@particlekid)

Micah plans to “be back in the game” in November to celebrate Willie’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We hope he gets plenty of rest and continues to feel better!

Watch Micah perform “Always On My Mind” with his dad in the video below.

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