Mia Matthews Sings A Shania Twain Hit For Shania Twain On ‘American Idol’

Mia Matthews Sings A Shania Twain Hit For Shania Twain On ‘American Idol’ | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Mia Matthews sang a Shania Twain hit for Shania Twain during Sunday night’s American Idol Top 10 episode.

The pressure is on as American Idol is quickly narrowing its field of finalists until only one Idol remains. Sunday night’s episode (April 28) started with the Top 10 contestants singing songs from the year they were born. Viewers are able to vote live throughout the show and two will be eliminated before the episode ends.

Mia Matthews knows all about pressure. Matthews competed on Season 19 of The Voice alongside her mom and sister as a mother-daughter trio called Worth The Wait. Mia was only 15 at the time, but there’s no doubt that the experience (and being coached by Blake Shelton) helped prepare her for this moment.

Now 19, Mia Matthews has proven week after week why she deserves to be the next American Idol. With covers of songs like Holly Dunn’s “Daddy’s Hands,” Cam’s “Burning House, ” and “Over You” by Miranda Lambert, Matthews’ voice is capable of singing just about anything.

During Sunday night’s episode, Matthews and the other Top 10 contestants were mentored by legendary artist Shania Twain. In a bold move, Mia chose to cover Twain’s hit song “No One Needs To Know.” The tune was originally released in 1996 as the sixth single from Twain’s The Woman In Me album. Twain included it in her 2004 Greatest Hits compilation, therefore making it fair game for Matthews to cover.


Ahead of her performance, Matthews spent some time with Twain who shared advice about performing the song.


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When Mia tried to change up the melody and “take the easy way out,” Shania pushed her to raise the key and reach for the high notes.

“Why wouldn’t you go for that? It’s easy for you,” Shania told Mia.

But when it came time to deliver, Mia struggled for the first time this season as she seemed to forget the words on a couple of occasions. But, her ability to keep singing and maintain an air of professionalism on stage is worth a vote. Hopefully viewers will be forgiving and vote for Mia based on past performances and move her into the Top 8. Results will be announced at the end of Sunday’s episode. The lucky 8 will return to the stage Monday night (April 29) where two more will be eliminated.

Watch Mia Matthews’ incredible Shania Twain cover in the video below.

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