1998: Shania Twain Sings “You’re Still The One” At Texas Stadium

1998: Shania Twain Sings “You’re Still The One” At Texas Stadium | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Alin Sabau/YouTube

In 1998, a Shania Twain tour stop was used as the setting for a television special called Shania Twain Live where she performed some of her biggest hits, including “You’re Still The One.”

The year found Shania Twain riding high on the success of her third studio album, Come On Over. The release of the album in 1997 set Shania up to be one of the most successful pop crossover artists in history. It went on to sell more than 40 million copies, making Twain the best-selling female artist of any genre at that time.

A year later, Shania embarked on her first major headlining tour, the Come On Over TourOver 18 months the tour made 165 stops across the world, including concerts in North America, Australia and Europe.

The tour’s success earned her first full-length television concert special. Filmed at Texas Stadium in Dallas in 1998, the two-hour special featured behind-the-scenes clips of Shania in Dallas. Most notably a clip of Shania and a crew member going into the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room and cropping a Troy Aikman jersey.

But, the highlight of the concert was, of course, the music. While Shania included plenty of her toe-tapping, dance-worthy songs in the mix, one of the favorites is her performance of her crossover hit, “You’re Still The One.”

The televised performance, that aired in late 1999, shows Shania and her band singing the song during soundcheck. A relaxed Shania, sans makeup and donning a ponytail, sitting on a bench and playing her guitar. About halfway into the familiar tune, the shot cuts to her performing it in front of the packed Texas Stadium.

Shania Twain sings "You're Still The One" at Texas Stadium
Alin Sabau/YouTube

“You’re Still The One” is often considered Shania Twain’s most successful crossover single. In 1999, the song earned two Grammy Awards: Best Country Song and Best Female Country vocal Performance.

The song was written by Shania Twain and her then-husband, Mutt Lange, about their own relationship. But, after their split in 2010, Twain shared in her biography that she now thinks of her mother and stepfather when she sings it. She wrote that she believes that her parents were meant to be together and shared a “very pure and true love.”

Watch Shania Twain perform “You’re Still The One” live in Dallas in 1998 in the video below.

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