Reba Puts Out A Challenge And Surprises Fan With A Duet On TikTok

Reba Puts Out A Challenge And Surprises Fan With A Duet On TikTok | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba Thanks Fans For 100 Million Streams And Initiates A Challenge

Country star, Reba McEntire, recently posted a video to her social media recognizing and thanking fans for helping her 1990 released hit, “Fancy,” reach over 100 million streams on Spotify.

On September 27th, Reba reached out to her fans on social media, sharing her excitement in the amount of streams her song has reached. Reba exclaims, “Wow! That is just incredible and makes me so happy that you all love this song as much as I do.” 

She goes on to request that, in celebration, for fans to post their own “fancy” versions of them singing the infamous song on their own social medias with the hashtag, #Fancy100M. Reba even ended her video with “…and you just might see me duet or share your post.”

TikTok Fans Make Invitation Into A Viral Challenge

As imagined, this invitation took off on TikTok as a viral challenge. Many have sang their hearts out at all levels of talent, showing off their skills and in hopes they may have a shout out from Reba herself. Reba followed through with her invite and did indeed duet, share and encourage her fans, including upcoming country singer-songwriter from Nashville, Rebecca Howell. Rebecca responded to the duet with another video, and with understandable excitement in written comment, “Currently losing it!!” 

You can watch Reba’s duet with Rebecca on TikTok below.

@reba @Rebecca Howell you nailed the #Fancy100M challenge!!! #Fancy ♬ original sound – Reba McEntire

Fans Are Still Participating In The TikTok Challenge

With over 168.7K likes and 3600+ shares, Reba’s video interactions continue to grow, as fans have made the hashtag 12.5 million views and counting. Fancy that!

“Fancy” Reaches Charts

The song written about a less fortunate young girl making sacrifices, “Fancy,” was originally recorded in 1969 by retired American singer-songwriter, Bobbie Gentry. The song was rerecorded and released by Reba McEntire in 1990, and became part of the Top Ten of Billboard’s Hot Country Hits Chart a year later in 1991.

Watch Bobbie Gentry sing “Fancy” live below.

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