Jimmy Buffett’s New Song “Bubbles Up” Hits #1 On Billboard’s Rock Digital Song Sales Chart

Jimmy Buffett’s New Song “Bubbles Up” Hits #1 On Billboard’s Rock Digital Song Sales Chart | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Jimmy Buffett’s Posthumously Released Song “Bubbles Up” Tops A Billboard Chart

Jimmy Buffett had a new album in the works before he died on September 1. Titled Equal Strain on All Parts, the album is set for release on November 3.

Buffett’s team released three songs from the album following his death: “Like My Dog,” “My Gummie Just Kicked In,” and “Bubbles Up.”

It’s the latter song that fans have latched on to the most after Buffett’s passing.

Lyrics from the new Jimmy Buffett song "Bubbles Up"
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What Does “Bubbles Up” Mean?

The tune references a favorite phrase of Buffett’s, which Paul McCartney explained in his tribute to him:

…He turned a diving phrase that is used to train people underwater into a metaphor for life when you’re confused and don’t know where you are just follow the bubbles – they’ll take you up to the surface and straighten you out right away,” McCartney said. “So long, Jim. You are a very special man and friend and it was a great privilege to get to know you and love you. Bubbles up, my friend.”

McCartney also said “the best [he] heard [Buffett] sing ever” was when he recorded “Bubbles Up.”


Buffett’s fans seem to agree. Many turned to “Bubbles Up” in the aftermath of his death. It’s as if Buffett knew he was saying “goodbye” to his fans with the song, and he wanted to leave them with a hopeful message.

Some of the lyrics are:

“So, when the journey gets long, just know that you are loved. There is light up above, and the joy is always enough. Bubbles up.”

Buffett’s “Bubbles Up” Becomes A #1 Hit

Billboard published a report on Thursday (September 21) that “Bubbles Up” reached the #1 spot on the Rock Digital Song Sales chart. According to data from Luminate, the song sold 8,000 downloads in the U.S. between September 8-September 14.

Buffett actually replaced himself on the chart. His signature song “Margaritaville” held the #1 spot the previous week. It now sits at the #3 position.

The other new songs “My Gummie Just Kicked In” and “Like My Dog” sit at the #5 and #6 spots on the chart, respectively. In total, eight of Buffett’s songs are in the Top 25 spots on the Rock Digital Songs Sales chart right now.

Additionally, “Bubbles Up” claimed the #2 spot on the Country Digital Song Sales chart and the #4 position on the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart. “Bubbles Up” also generated 908,000 streams, which led to it claiming the 47th spot on the multi-metric Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

Listen to “Bubbles Up” below to understand why so many people are listening to the song.

Jimmy Buffett was devoted to philanthropy. He founded two charitable organizations, Singing for Change and Save the Manatee Club. He also had a company called Last Mango Boatworks that sells apparel and accessories. Items sold from Last Mango benefit Singing for Change and Freedom Fighter Outdoors. Learn more about Jimmy’s philanthropic efforts or donate to one of the above-mentioned organizations here.

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