How Vince Gill And Amy Grant Make Their Marriage Work

How Vince Gill And Amy Grant Make Their Marriage Work | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Vince Gill reveals the secret to a happy marriage with his wife of 22 years, Amy Grant.

It may seem nearly impossible for two superstars to live under one roof in harmony. But, in an interview with Dan Rather, Vince reveals the key to his successful marriage to Amy Grant.

“How do you make it work?” Rather asks the 66-year-old singer.

Vince responds:

“Well, we kill ‘em with kindness. We kill each other with kindness and self respect. I just think that goes such a long way,” Vince said.

“It’s kind of interesting because we’re both used to having our way, ya know? We’ve had long careers of many, many years, long before we ever got married, and we both knew that we didn’t want to become Sonny and Cher just because we got married, ya know?,” Vince joked. “So, we just kind of let everybody have their place and their space and it’s worked great.”

“The real truth is, in our relationship there’s none of that kind of thing that goes on to where we would compete or anything like that. It’s been the kindest 15 years that I’ve ever spent.”


This dynamite duo has seemingly earned recognition from every corner of the music industry.

Vince Gill rose to fame in 1990 after the release of his album, When I Call Your Name. Since then, he has won numerous awards. His hit song, “Go Rest High On That Mountain,” won many awards including the Song of the Year award at the CMA Awards in 1996, BMI Most-Performed Song award in 1997, and the song also received two Grammy Awards for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards in 1996. Vince has earned 18 CMA Awards—two of those being Entertainer of the Year, and five of those being Male Vocalist of the Year. Gill currently holds more Grammy Awards than any other male country music artists with a whopping 22 Grammys.

Amy Grant is most known for her song “Baby, Baby” from her album, Heart In Motion. She is also known and loved for her timeless Christmas albums. Grant has earned six Grammy Awards, twenty-six Dove Awards (including four Artist of the Year Awards), she has earned the coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Music City Walk of Fame and she was recently added to the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2021.

This power couple has a combined total of 28 Grammy Awards.

Rather asks Vince Gill, “What has held it together more than any other thing? You both live in a world where it’s egocentric. You’re up on stage and people give you…praise everywhere you go. People telling you how great you are, of course you are, so what’s the key?”

“I think we both have, in a sense, not really bought in.” Vince says laughing. He continues:

“See we’re very similar. We kind of ignore it. I never pay attention to the great things people say about me or the bad things people say about me. I just try to plow right on through the middle. It’s not the most inspiring thing in our live is our success, it’s just, there’s a way that she has that’s infectious, in that, she never met a stranger, she’s never anything but completely open to any living soul that walks this earth and I watch that and it’s inspiring to see.”

Watch the interview in the video below:

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