Elderly Couple Gets Remarried 6 Decades After Eloping: ‘I Wanted Her to Have a Wedding’

Elderly Couple Gets Remarried 6 Decades After Eloping: ‘I Wanted Her to Have a Wedding’ | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos


A Nebraska couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in a special way

Gary and Linda Manna crossed a huge milestone this month as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The couple, who live in Omaha, Nebraska, originally exchanged vows in 1964 when they eloped in Reno, Nevada. When asked about the decision to do a vow renewal, Gary said:

“I wanted her to have a wedding.” 

To commemorate the momentous anniversary, the pair re-tied the knot during a sweet ceremony in front of generations of family and friends. Gary and Linda have five children, many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They said it was the first time in years that the whole family had been together under one roof.

Linda followed her daughters down the aisle and was escorted by one of her sons. The couple’s eldest son, Mike Manna, officiated the ceremony and said:

“The main thing was to honor them. 60 years. There’s not that many couples that have stayed together 60 years. They were a great example to us, my brothers and sisters.” 


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Forgiveness, faith, and music have kept Gary and Linda’s marriage strong

Linda says that the one thing that comes to mind when thinking about how their marriage lasted is forgiveness. She says:

“We are forgiven and we forgive each other.” 

Additionally, the couple shares a love of music and incorporated music into the ceremony.


The vow renewal was made possible by the Dreamweaver Foundation

The Dreamweaver Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to making dreams come true for elderly adults with “life-limiting” illnesses. It is unclear whether Gary or Linda has an ailment or what the illness is, but the experience will create beautiful memories for them and their descendants.

Kelly Jacobs with the Dreamweaver Foundation said:

“Having a life-limiting illness is how we’re able to grant their last wish, fulfill a bucket list dream. Sometimes it might be a road trip, sometimes it might be a birthday party. But sometimes it’s an anniversary celebration.”

Congratulations Gary and Linda! See more photos from the celebration here and watch the video below! 

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