Katy Perry Weeps After ‘Idol’ Contestant’s “Emotional” Willie Nelson Cover

Katy Perry Weeps After ‘Idol’ Contestant’s “Emotional” Willie Nelson Cover | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The tears were flowing after Jack Blocker took the American Idol stage Monday night where he delivered an unexpected and flawless cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind.”

Jack Blocker was initially rejected by judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie following his audition earlier this year. Luke Bryan fought for the singer, saying that he saw something in Blocker. He plead with his fellow judges and the cast to allow him to give Jack a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

The move made Jack Blocker somewhat of an underdog as the competition progressed. But he quickly proved that Luke’s intuition was spot on. Jack Blocker is a star in the making.

If any doubts remained in Katy and Lionel’s minds, they were put to rest Monday night (April 29) when Blocker brought Katy to tears with a performance of “Always On My Mind.”

Blocker, who is one of the last eight contestants remaining in the competition, was tasked with choosing one of three songs suggested by the judges. He ultimately chose the Willie Nelson hit because of his love for the artist.

“When people ask me who my favorite artist is I always say Willie [Nelson]. He’s probably my biggest inspiration as a songwriter,” Jack said ahead of his performance.

Blocker chose not to hide behind his guitar for the song, instead opting to focus on his vocals and giving it his all.


Following his performance, judge Katy Perry couldn’t hold back her tears and struggled to compose herself.

“I’m crying because it was so emotional because I feel like you’ve been fully realized,” Perry told Blocker. “When I first met you I was conflicted. I felt like it wasn’t all there … You keep singing like that and you’re going to surprise everyone on this contest.”

Luke Bryan praised Jack, saying that he’s winning “in so many ways.”

“That was just a real spiritual…just watching you not even think about delivering that performance. You just came out of your heart and your soul and it was just … a very magical moment,” Luke said.

Watch Jack Blocker sing Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” in the video below.

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