Dolly Parton’s Niece Eliminated From Reality Show

Dolly Parton’s Niece Eliminated From Reality Show | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The second season of the show Claim To Fame premiered on June 26, 2023. After just three episodes, so much has happened and each episode, our jaw drops!

What is Claim To Fame?

Claim To Fame is a competition show that challenges participants to guess the identities of their fellow contestants. What ties them together? They all share a connection with renowned figures. Hosted by Jonas Brothers member Kevin Jonas and his equally charming younger sibling Franklin, this show brings together celebrity relatives and gives them an extraordinary chance to win a grand prize of $100,000. They must engage in a sequence of thrilling challenges while skillfully concealing their true identities.

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Each episode, the contestants compete in challenges, where some clues about the relatives are in jeopardy. The winner of the challenge gains immunity for the week, and also gets a huge clue into the celebrity relative of one other contestant. The episode ends with the household voting between the two contestants who performed the worst in that week’s competition. The person voted then becomes the guesser. The guesser chooses a participant to guess their celebrity relative. If the guesser is correct, that person goes home, but if they are wrong, they themselves are eliminated.

Who has been eliminated so far?

In the first episode, a participant named Carly was eliminated after Hugo correctly guessed that her celebrity relative is Tom Hanks. After she was eliminated, she went on a now-viral tirade while she was packing up all her things.

Episode 2 had famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s son, Travis, go home.

Episode 3 was filled with even more twists and turns, as more clues came out leaving the celebrity relatives even more confused.

A contestant named Monay won the challenge in Episode 2, and she pulled Chris’s clue. All she could decipher from the clue was something about “Puppy Love.” She confided in a few women, since she picked a man’s clue, and when Jane heard “Puppy Love,” she was convinced that was her clue. Later in the episode, Chris tells Jane that he is pretty positive that Monay pulled his clue because “Puppy Love” is a HUGE clue for his relative as well.

In a confessional, Jane revealed “Puppy Love” was her relative’s very first song. But, Chris’s relative also made a song titled
“Puppy Love” a hit. It seems neither knew about the other’s song!

Monay finally showed Jane the clue, to prove that she didn’t pull her clue. As they were trying to decipher Chris’s clue, Jane thought the clue said “Fools Rush In,” which is a line from Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” She also thought there was a Tennessee clue, and a clue that said he died in the 70s. (The clue actually meant the celebrity was popular in the 70s).

At the end of the episode, Jane was voted to be the guesser and named her target as Chris. She guessed that Chris’s celebrity relative was Elvis Presley, and that turned out to be wrong, forcing her to be eliminated.

As she was eliminated it was revealed that her celebrity relative is the legendary Dolly Parton!

A video message from Dolly Parton then played. The superstar said, “It’s been a joy watching you grow up. You know how much I’ve loved you and how close we’ve always been, being your aunt and all. Proud of you, girl.”

Dolly also revealed that Jane’s real name is Jada Star, and that Dolly named her that!

Jada then revealed that she wanted to do the show to tell everyone that Dolly Parton is exactly how she is portrayed to be. She is the best aunt to her and her cousins, and loves to spoil them since she doesn’t have kids of her own. Upon further digging, Jada previously performed at Dollywood in the Parton family show.

She says she even dyed her hair red for Claim To Fame so fans at home wouldn’t guess who she was either! She normally has a platinum blonde hair just like her Aunt Dolly. For big time fans, Jada Star is Dolly’s sister, Freida’s daughter!

Watch Dolly introduce Jada at an event in the video below.

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