Conway Twitty’s Former Home Saved From Demolition

Conway Twitty’s Former Home Saved From Demolition | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Conway Twitty’s “Twitty City” Was At Risk Of Being Destroyed After Being Damaged In Tennessee Tornado

A destructive tornado tore through middle Tennessee on December 9. The storm damaged many structures, including country music legend Conway Twitty’s former home.

During Conway’s lifetime, the property became known as “Twitty City.” It includes multiple homes the “Hello Darlin'” singer built for himself and his family.

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The property became a popular tourist destination during the 1980s. Conway passed away in 1993, and Trinity Broadcasting Network purchased “Twitty City” after his death.

TBN closed “Twitty City,” and turned it into an entertainment complex.

Conway Twitty’s Former Home Was At Risk Of Being Demolished

After the December 9 tornado damaged the property, TBN proposed the demolition of Conway Twitty’s former home.

News Channel 5 out of Nashville published a statement from Frank Amedia, who spoke for TBN at a Hendersonville Planning Commission meeting:

“Unfortunately, it’s a public fact, TBN was highly under-insured on that site, so now we’re at a position if we’re going to put money into fixing old things than the new things aren’t coming.”

Before the tornado, TBN already made plans to construct a new production studio and housing for senior citizens on the property. If they demolished the old structures (including Conway’s home), they could use the land for their new projects.

A photo of Conway Twitty's former home, with Conway posing in front of it. The property opened to the public as a tourist destination called "Twitty City" and was popular in the 1980s.
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There was a strong outcry from Conway’s fans after TBN revealed their proposal. Many voiced their concerns about the possible destruction of his former home.

Conway’s own daughter, Joni Lee, shared her heartbreak over the idea of losing “Twitty City.”

“There’s no question. We would much rather drive by and see it standing because Dad worked so hard to build this place and make it a special place for fans to come and enjoy and for our family to live,” she told News Channel 5.

Additionally, Joni said:

“It breaks our hearts, but they own the property now. There’s not much we can do to stop it. I think it’s probably been in the plan a lot longer than the tornado because you don’t just come up with that plan. They weren’t using the property at all.”

“Twitty City” Saved From Demolition After Public Outcry

Thankfully, TBN recently presented a new proposal to restore, not destroy, Conway Twitty’s former home.

The Tennessean reports TBN presented the new proposal to the Hendersonville Board of Mayor & Alderman on Tuesday (January 23). TBN’s original proposal included 96 units for senior living. The new proposal reduced the number of units to 90. This reduction allows for the restoration of Conway’s mansion

The Tennessean says city officials responded to the new plan “with much gratitude and praise.”

Frank Amedia said TBN spoke with several people who expressed concern about the home’s fate, including Conway’s daughter Joni. “It’s going to cost us more money but that wasn’t the issue,” he said. “The issue is what the heart of the city was.

In the future, TBN plans to use Conway’s mansion as a multifunctional space. The company also plans to reach out to the community for any Conway-related memorabilia to include in the home after its restoration.

Head below to watch Conway lead a tour through his “Twitty City” home on the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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