32 Years Ago Today: Travis Tritt’s “Anymore” Hit Number One On The Billboard Charts

32 Years Ago Today: Travis Tritt’s “Anymore” Hit Number One On The Billboard Charts | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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On October 26, 1991, Travis Tritt’s song “Anymore” hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

“Anymore” was released in September 1991 as the second single off his second studio album It’s All About to Change. 

What is the story behind the song “Anymore”?

Tritt co-write “Anymore” with Jill Colucci, who also co-wrote his 1990 song “I’m Gonna Be Somebody,” which peaked at number two. The

The music video, which was directed by Jack Cole, kicked off a trilogy of music videos. The second installment, “Tell Me I Was Dreaming,” premiered in 1995, followed by the third, “If I Lost You,” in 1998.

These videos collectively narrate the tale of Mac Singleton, a war veteran confined to a wheelchair. Tritt takes on the role of Mac Singleton, depicting his challenging journey through a rehabilitation center following injuries sustained in the Vietnam War. Haunted by war-induced nightmares every night, Mac encounters a newfound companion named Al (played by Barry Scott) upon waking from one of these harrowing dreams. In addition to grappling with his rehabilitation, Singleton wrestles with the emotional strain of separation from his wife Annie.

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It was a different kind of music video, especially for its time, seeing as Tritt had speaking lines and really had to act to tell the heart-wrenching story of Mac Singleton. Watch the music video here.

The music video for “Anymore” launched Travis Tritt’s acting career.

Speaking with Wide Open Country in June 2022, Tritt revealed that the “Anymore” music video helped him land an acting role that led to many others.

Despite having no acting experience going into filming the “Anymore” music video, Tritt got a call from his manager at the time, who was also managing Kenny Rogers. CBS had a movie they wanted Rogers to do and after seeing his music video, Rogers knew he needed Tritt in his next project.

“Kenny really went to bat for me as a result of seeing that video,” Tritt told Wide Open Country. “He said, ‘Listen, I’m telling you guys right now. Travis has more natural acting ability than I had when I first got started.’ So, he threw down an ultimatum and basically told CBS… He said, ‘Look, if you don’t bring him in for this part, I’m just not going to do the movie, either.’ It was the thing that launched my ability to be able to do some of these acting roles in a bunch of different things for film and television.”

The movie turned out to be the 1993 TV movie Rio Diablo. Tritt followed up that project with several others through the years, most recently appearing in 2018’s Forever My Girl.

Travis Tritt celebrates the anniversary of “Anymore” going #1

In a simple Facebook post, Tritt celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the day that “Anymore” took over the number one spot on the charts. “32 years ago today: ANYMORE hit number one on the Billboard charts #tbt,” he wrote alongside a photo of the CD single.

Congrats to Travis on this huge milestone!

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