Video Resurfaces Of Young Emmy Russell Honoring “Memaw” Loretta Lynn With Original Song

Video Resurfaces Of Young Emmy Russell Honoring “Memaw” Loretta Lynn With Original Song | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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American Idol Star Emmy Russell Has Been Performing From A Young Age

During her run on American Idol, Emmy Russell has proven to be a talented singer and songwriter, much like her legendary grandmother, Loretta Lynn. Emmy has opened up through the original songs she’s shared on Idol, including her vulnerable audition song, “Skinny.”

Loretta sadly never got the chance to see Emmy sing on Idol. She passed away on October 4, 2022, at the age of 90.

Emmy Russell with her grandmother Loretta Lynn and great-aunt Crystal Gayle
Emmy Russell / Instagram

Emmy often shares how much she misses having Loretta in her life. She channeled that heartbreak into an emotional performance while competing for a place in the Top 7.

Emmy sang a powerful tribute to her grandma in that moment. She covered Loretta’s signature song “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” but made it entirely her own.

Before singing, Emmy voiced her desire to do something different with her grandma’s iconic tune. She wanted to sing it “almost as a way of hugging her.”

Emmy’s unique and heartfelt spin on “Coal Miner’s Daughter” left the judges, her fellow contestants, and Idol fans in tears.

Watch Young Emmy Sing An Ode To Loretta Lynn Called “Memaw’s Guitar”

Emmy has been performing long before she appeared on Idol. She started touring with Loretta from a young age and would sing at her shows.

In 2015, a fan uploaded a video of Emmy performing an original song at one of Loretta’s concerts in Louisiana. The video has resurfaced now that Emmy is in the spotlight on Idol.

With Loretta by her side, a young Emmy introduced the song she was about to play. It’s an original called “Memaw’s Guitar,” which Emmy wrote as a tribute to her beloved grandmother.

Emmy Russell as a small child with her "memaw" Loretta Lynn
Emmy Russell / Instagram


Loretta looked on with pride as Emmy sang. The song includes lyrics about her dreams of one day following in her “memaw’s” musical shoes.

As it goes:

“From the hands of a girl from Butcher Hollow, to the hand’s of a coal miner’s great-granddaughter. My favorite guitar, my memaw gave to me. When I pick it up, I just feel the melody.”

Watch a young Emmy Russell pay tribute to her “memaw,” Loretta Lynn, in the video below. It’s clear Loretta was so proud of her then, and we’re sure she’s smiling down on her now.

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