Stevie Nicks Praises “Daisy Jones & The Six” Starring Riley Keough

Stevie Nicks Praises “Daisy Jones & The Six” Starring Riley Keough | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Stevie Nicks Responds After Watching Daisy Jones & The Six, Compares It To Her Own Life & Career

The hit Amazon Prime Video miniseries Daisy Jones & The Six follows a fictional rock band’s rise and fall, due in large part to the love-hate relationship between its two lead vocalists and songwriters. Riley Keough plays the titular Daisy Jones, while Sam Claflin plays her nemesis/love interest, Billy Dunne.

Daisy Jones & The Six is based off of a 2019 novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, who also served as a producer on the miniseries.

Daisy Jones & The Six Author Taylor Jenkins Reid Was Inspired By The Relationships Within Fleetwood Mac

Fans of the show and book have often compared the band to Fleetwood Mac, due to the tumultuous relationship between members. Daisy has been compared to Stevie Nicks, and her relationship with Billy has been compared to Stevie’s relationship with Lindsey Buckingham.

Those comparisons were right on the money. Taylor Jenkins Reid told Pitchfork she felt inspired to write Daisy Jones & The Six after she grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac.

It was the beginning of it for me because it’s an album, but… its also a soap opera,” Variety quotes Taylor as saying about Fleetwood Mac’s iconic album, Rumours. “The stories going on between Stevie and Lindsey. And the things that were going on between Christine McVie and John McVie were really fascinating, and they show in the music. So I started there.

Book cover for Daisy Jones & The Six
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Did You Catch The References To Fleetwood Mac In The Show?

The series fashioned a direct link to Fleetwood Mac by featuring “Gold Dust Woman” in its ninth episode. Riley Keough’s final performance costume for Daisy was also inspired by the song.

We knew for the last big show we really wanted to go out with a bang,” the show’s costume designer, Denise Wingate, told Page Six. “Riley called me one day and said she was listening to ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and that she thought this was the look we should go for. We just had to find a spectacular piece.

They found exactly what they were looking for to capture that look.

Stevie Nicks Heaps Praise On Daisy Jones & The Six

At last, Stevie Nicks herself checked out Daisy Jones & The Six. She recently finished watching the series (for a second time!) and made it clear she loved it.

“Just finished watching Daisy Jones + the 6 for the 2nd time. In the beginning, it wasn’t really my story, but Riley seamlessly, soon became my story,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. “It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story.”

Stevie noted how she wished Christine McVie was here to see the show. She passed away in 2022 at the age of 79. “It was very emotional for me. I just wish Christine could have seen it. She would have loved it,” Stevie said.

She added her hopes that the series will continue with a second season. We hope the same!

Riley saw Stevie’s post, and commented with a bunch of emojis to express her excitement.


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Watch some of the musical scenes from Daisy Jones & The Six below. If you haven’t seen the series yet, this video will give you a taste of what to expect!

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