Reba McEntire Was “Fascinated” By This “Voice” Singer’s “Great Talent”

Reba McEntire Was “Fascinated” By This “Voice” Singer’s “Great Talent” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba McEntire Serves As Mega Mentor On The Voice

For Season 23, The Voice had Reba McEntire join the show as its Mega Mentor. In her role, McEntire served as an advisor to all four coaches’ teams while they prepared for the knockouts.

Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, and Niall Horan loved working with McEntire on the show. Horan spoke about how much he admires McEnire’s experience saying, “she’s got wisdom that only a few people have. And she’s willing to give some of it away.”

McEntire was impressed by many of the contestants she worked with on The Voice. For example, Team Blake’s Kylee Dayne made her cry during rehearsals:

“You really touched my heart,” McEntire told Dayne.That’s the biggest thing, is to capture somebody in the audience, to where they’re sobbing, or laughing. Get some emotion out of them, and you did it for me.”

Team Niall’s Jerome Godwin III Impresses Reba McEntire

Another contestant who impressed McEntire was Jerome Godwin III of Team Niall. Goodwin landed on Horan’s team after covering an Ariana Grande song during auditions.

Horan called Godwin’s performance “incredible.”

From there, Godwin won his battle against Talia Smith and advanced to the knockouts.

That’s when Godwin met McEntire. While working together in rehearsals, McEntire remarked how much she loved the sound of Godwin’s voice:

“When I first heard Jerome, I was fascinated by the roundness of his voice,” she said. “Jerome, 20 years old and singing like that, he’s got a great talent.”

McEntire doubled down on her comments, telling Godwin he had a “great sound.” She did offer one piece of advice, saying she’d love to see him put more emotion into his performance.

How Did Jerome Godwin III Do In The Knockouts?

After working hard in rehearsals, Godwin took to the stage to perform during the knockouts. He covered  Lewis Capaldi’s “Somebody You Loved.” Unfortunately, The Voice has not shared a video of his performance online.

Godwin kept McEntire’s comments in mind, and sang with emotion. However, his nerves were obvious, and that messed with his pitch:

Jerome, I thought you really put everything into it,” Horan said after the performance. “It did get a little bit pitchy in the first verse. And that’s usually where you’re the most solid, is in that lower register, and I think it knocked your confidence a little bit. But you’re an incredible singer, there’s no doubt about it.”

In the end, Horan named Godwin’s competitor, Ross Clayton, as the winner of the knockout.

Although Godwin’s Voice journey is over, he’s incredibly grateful for his experience on the show. Writing on Insagram, he said:

“To Niall, I am simply honored to have been able to share the same atmosphere. The zoom calls and e-mails and consistent contact exceeded my expectations. I appreciate you! What a coach! And the amazing things Reba McEntire said about me…What!!!!”

See Godwin’s post below. We wish him the best in the future!

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