Reba McEntire Names The One Song She Wants To Re-Record

Reba McEntire Names The One Song She Wants To Re-Record | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba McEntire Answers Questions From Other Country Artists During CMT Interview

Country music icon and Voice coach Reba McEntire stopped by CMT for a unique interview. She drew slips of paper out of a bowl, and answered the questions on each one. What made things even more fun was the fact that the questions came from other country artists!

She started off answering a question from HARDY, who wanted to know what her “death row” meal would be.

Reba answered, “A Sonic #1 cheeseburger. No onions. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise…pickles and tater tots.

That makes sense, especially the tater tot part. For those who don’t know, Reba and her boyfriend Rex Linn call each other “Tater tot” and “Sugar tot.”


Reba McEntire and Rex Linn attend the CMA Awards
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Reba then answered a question from her “Dear Rodeo” duet partner Cody Johnson. He asked if she’s ever been bucked off a horse. Reba grew up in the rodeo scene, so she’s been on her fair share of horses!

While Reba said she’s never been bucked off a horse, she has been “dragged off” and “fallen off” before.

Dierks Bentley Asked Reba Which Song She’d Re-Record If She Had The Chance

Next came a question from Dierks Bentley. He asked Reba, “If you could go back and re-record an old song of yours, what would it be?

Reba has been in the business for decades, so she has an extensive catalog of songs to choose from. She actually re-recorded several of those songs for her 2021 compilation album Revised Remixed Revisited.

For example, Reba recorded a new rendition of “Does He Love You” with Dolly Parton for the album. The original version of the song was recorded with Linda Davis.

But there’s still one song Reba would love to re-record. To answer Dierks’ question, she said:

“I think I would like to re-record ‘Suddenly There’s a Valley,’ and you’ll have to look that up, ’cause it’s on an album [from a] long, long, long time ago. Probably late seventies. But it’s a beautiful song.”

Reba was close! “Suddenly There’s a Valley” was the last track included on her 1980 album Feel the Fire. The song was written by Chuck Meyer and Biff Jones, and was first published in 1955.

Other than Reba, artists such as Bing Crosby, Glen Campbell, and Patty Andrews have all recorded “Suddenly There’s a Valley.”

Reba ended her CMT interview by answering a question from Wynonna, who asked what her biggest personal dream is outside of music.

Check out the video of Reba’s interview below to hear her answer, and watch her responses to all of the other questions!

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