Rex Linn Surprises Reba With Bowl Of Tater Tots In Her Dressing Room

Rex Linn Surprises Reba With Bowl Of Tater Tots In Her Dressing Room | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba McEntire’s Boyfriend Rex Linn Calls Her “Tater Tot” – But Why?

Reba McEntire and her boyfriend Rex Linn have taken to calling each other “tater tot” and “sugar tot.” The nicknames developed after they went to dinner on what ended up being their first date.

As the couple once explained, Reba was thrilled to see tater tots on the menu. Rex thought her enthusiasm was adorable, and dubbed her “tater tot.”

“On the menu was Tater Tots and I just went nuts because I love Tater Tots,” Reba said. “And so, Rex is famous for giving people nicknames and he said, ‘That’s yours.'”

That was the perfect moment. You ordered Tater Tots, you delved into them like a great white shark with ketchup,” Rex added. “And I just thought, ‘that’s it. It’s Tater Tot.'”


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Reba Hands Out Tater Tots On The Voice

Reba took the tater tot thing to another level when she joined Season 24 of The Voice as a coach. While other coaches give their new team members jackets and shirts, Reba treats her team to dishes of tater tots.

She even has her own tater tot cart that she wheels out for the occasion!

Reba McEntire with her tater tot cart on The Voice
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Rex Linn Surprises Reba With Tater Tots In Her Dressing Room On TODAY

Reba and Rex recently popped by TODAY, and Rex planned a sweet surprise for her dressing room. Or rather, a savory one.

He asked the TODAY kitchen if they could deliver some tater tots to Reba’s dressing room. They were happy to do so, and filled a huge bowl with tater tots and a side of ketchup.

Of course, Reba was thrilled to see the bowl of tots in her dressing room. She wondered if they were all for her, but Rex chimed in to make sure he’d get some too.

Reba sampled the tots, and gave them two thumbs up!

TODAY shared a video of Rex’s tater tot surprise, and captioned it, “True love is requesting a platter of tater tots for your tater tot.” We love that! See the video below.

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