One Thing Andy Griffith “Regretted” About “The Andy Griffith Show”

One Thing Andy Griffith “Regretted” About “The Andy Griffith Show” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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There Was One Thing Actor Andy Griffith “Regretted” Doing On His Namesake Show, The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith‘s namesake sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, premiered on CBS on October 3, 1960. The show starred Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor, Don Knotts as Barney Fife, Ron Howard as Andy’s son Opie Taylor, Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee, and George Lindsey as Gomer Pyle.

The Andy Griffith Show lasted for eight seasons, totaling up to 249 episodes. 159 of those episodes were filmed in black and white, while 90 were filmed in color.


Andy Griffith on set with his sitcom co-stars
The Andy Griffith Show / Facebook

Even now, over 60 years after the show’s release, it still has devoted fans. It’s a “comfort show” for many, and they have gone on to share it with their children and grandchildren.

The Andy Griffith Show still airs reruns on TV Land and is also available to stream.

Andy Had Later Regrets About One Thing He Did On The Show

Griffith never anticipated The Andy Griffith Show would live on for so long. If he was able to see into the future, there’s something he may have done differently while filming the series.

The Andy Griffith Show has an active Facebook page that shares photos, quotes, and other material related to the show. On July 13, 2023, the page shared a post about one thing Griffith “regretted” doing.

What was that one thing? Smoking…

Andy can be seen smoking in a couple episodes of The Andy Griffith Show,” the Facebook page shared in a post next to a photo of Andy Taylor smoking a cigarette.

The page continued to explain Griffith’s regrets concerning the smoking scenes on the show:

“Years later, Andy said that he never expected the show to live on in reruns for so long, and he regretted the decision to smoke on the show because he recognized that Sheriff Taylor had become a role model for so many viewers.


Those commenting on the Facebook post understood why Griffith had later regrets about his character smoking on the show. Back then, the dangers of cigarette smoke were not as well-known as they are today.

Overall, The Andy Griffith Show is still a series that folks love to watch, well over six decades after its initial release. It’s one of few television shows that’s stood the test of time.

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