New Details Of Reba’s Sitcom Pilot Revealed

New Details Of Reba’s Sitcom Pilot Revealed | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Reba McEntire / Facebook

Reba McEntire is set to star in a new sitcom pilot on NBC

At the end of January, NBC Universal announced that country music icon Reba McEntire will star in and executive produce a new multi-cam sitcom that has yet to be named.

Even though this is not a reboot, McEntire will work alongside a familiar colleague, Kevin Abbott, who is the head writer and executive producer for the new show. Abbott was also a writer and executive producer on McEntire’s former hit show Reba which aired from 2001-2007.

The logline of the show gives a glimpse of what is to come:

“Reba inherits her father’s restaurant and is less than thrilled to discover that she has a new business partner in the half-sister she never knew she had.”

Reba says she is “very excited” for the new sitcom

Reba McEntire has an extensive background in acting. In addition to her fan-favorite show Reba, she starred in the sitcom Malibu Country and has had recurring roles in shows such as Hercules, Baby Daddy, and Young Sheldon. She has also appeared on movie screens in the films Tremors, The Little Rascals, North, and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

When news of the new show broke, Reba shared on her Instagram that she is “very excited” for the new project.

Reba McEntire is "very excited" for her new sitcom on NBC
Reba McEntire / Instagram

Reba’s new sitcom is “finally coming together”

A source told Closer Weekly that Reba is a “go-getter” adding that “she’s been working on this sitcom deal for a while, and now it’s finally coming together.

Another friend said:

“Reba’s years on TV were some of the best of her life. Comedy is a natural fit for her. She has great timing and is so expressive. She modeled herself on Lucille Ball.” 

It has not yet been revealed who else will fill out the cast or when the pilot will air, but we know we can expect lots of laughs! Check back for updates. 

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