Lukas Nelson’s Band Equipment Stolen & Quickly Recovered

Lukas Nelson’s Band Equipment Stolen & Quickly Recovered | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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On Wednesday, February 20, Lukas Nelson – the son of country legend Willie Nelson – took to social media to let fans know that a truck containing his band’s equipment had been stolen from his hotel.

Lukas Nelson and his band, Promise of the Real, kicked off their tour on February 16 in Lincoln, California.

They were scheduled for 28 dates, traveling all over California, Nevada, Arizona, and other states.

Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real tour dates
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real / Facebook

But, their tour took a turn on February 20. At 5:08PM PST, Nelson posted a video to all his social media accounts to let fans know the bad news.

“Our truck with all our equipment in it got stolen last night out of the hotel near Seattle,” he said. “We’ve got rental equipment now and we will play the show tonight, but if you’re in the Seattle area, and you hear about any guitars being pawned or sold…”

Here are the priceless pieces of equipment that were taken:

– 1956 Les Paul Jr. (worth up to $22,000)

-1964 Gibson 335 (worth up to $50,000)

-Custom Nacho Telecaster (worth up to $15,000)

Other stolen equipment included basses and steel guitars, lighting equipment, sound board, and more. He pleaded with his fans to let him know if they’ve seen the truck or any equipment.

Just 44 minutes later, Nelson posted a video with some good news!

“Great news!” he said in the video. “The truck, and all the valuable instruments that were in there are still there! They were packed in the back and protected. All our equipment that we needed is there.”

There were still a few missing items including a sound board, lighting package, and pedals. He assured fans those are all replaceable – and also insured – but he was so relieved they got back the irreplaceable guitars.

He thanked his fans for getting the word out, and also Thunder Road Guitars and Emerald City Guitars, who lent the band equipment.

It’s clear from the photo that Nelson included that the truck was found abandoned in what looks to be the woods. Maybe the people who stole it just couldn’t get the back open because they left so many valuables behind.

We’re thankful Nelson and his band ere able to perform with their own equipment! Watch his video below.

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