Glen Campbell Invites His Mom On Stage To Sing With Him

Glen Campbell Invites His Mom On Stage To Sing With Him | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Country stars get to enjoy the limelight, the awards and the accolades. But, most will tell you that their success can be credited to their mom. Moms are the ones who encourage their children to hone their talents. Moms and dads are the ones that teach discipline and hard work required to succeed.

One such mom was Carrie Dell Campbell, mother of country legend Glen Campbell. Glen was the 7th of 12 children born to Carrie and John Wesley Campbell, a sharecropper. While his family had very little, his dad saved to buy 4-year-old Glen a $5 Sears & Roebuck guitar. Within two years, Glen was playing on local radio stations.


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That was the beginning of a long and storied career that made Glen Campbell one of the most recognizable talents in any music genre. With 45 million records sold and 5 Grammy awards, Glen never forgot where he came from.

In 1988, while performing at North Phoenix Baptist Church, Campbell invited his 83-year-old mom on stage to sing with him.

“They say when you teach a child the ways when he’s very young, and they’ll come back to it, right?” Glen told the crowd while introducing his mom. “Well, she taught me very young. There’s a reason for that. I’m one of twelve kids. And there wasn’t no such thing as electricity or warming the bottle, so momma was it. We were all breastfed. Momma was the bottle warmer,” he joked.

Campbell shared that his hymns album, which was released just a few months later, was full of songs he learned while going to church “every Sunday” with his mom.


He then asked his mom to sing with him and the pair performed Buck Owens’ “Crying Time.” Glen played guitar and sang lead while his momma perfectly harmonized. The followed up “Crying Time” with a tribute to Glen’s dad.

“We lost dad in ’84. God rest his soul. He was sure a great man. He was the kind of guy that taught us that your cup is half full and not half empty. And if daddy told you that a chicken dipped snuff, you could look for the box under its wing,” Campbell said. “Mom, let’s do one for dad. I know he’s listening.”

Carrie and Glen delivered a beautiful tribute by singing “Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine.”


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Glen Campbell‘s affection for his mom was evident throughout the performances as he looked lovingly at her and had his arm around her whenever he wasn’t playing guitar.

This video was recorded three years before Carrie Dell Campbell died at the age of 86.

Watch the beautiful moment unfold and hear Carrie and Glen Campbell sing in the video below.

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