Dolly Parton Teams Up With Krispy Kreme To Create 4 New Donut Flavors

Dolly Parton Teams Up With Krispy Kreme To Create 4 New Donut Flavors | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Not only is Dolly Parton a legendary country singer but she is also known for her skills in the kitchen.

So much so that in 2022, Parton teamed up with Duncan Hines to release a line of cake mixes and frostings.

Dolly Parton Launches New Cake Mix Line with Duncan Hines (Photo: Dolly Parton / Facebook)

“I have always loved to cook and, growing up in the South, I especially love that authentic Mom and Pop kind of cooking,” Dolly said in a video at the time. “I am excited to launch my own line of cake mixes and frostings with Duncan Hines, bringing that sweet, Southern-style baking experience I enjoy to others.

To continue her culinary journey, Dolly has partnered with Krispy Kreme for four new donut flavors, called the Dolly Southern Sweets collection.

The donut company teased the partnership on May 13 writing, “We’ve hit all the right notes with this one 🎶 – a sweet debut is coming soon.” Fans in the comment section guessed the collaboration because Krispy Kreme included a butterfly emoji, and Parton is famous for her love of butterflies.


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On May 14, Krispy Kreme revealed that the partnership was with Dolly Parton and that the four new flavors are Dolly Dazzler, Peachy Keen Cobbler, Banana Puddin’, and Chocolate Crème Pie.

Dolly Parton’s Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection (Photo: Krispy Kreme / Facebook)

See the descriptions of each flavor below, according to Krispy Kreme.

Dolly Dazzler – an Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in strawberry icing, with gold, pink and white glitter sprinkles and a signature chocolate Dolly butterfly piece.

Peachy Keen Cobbler – an unglazed doughnut filled with real peach filling, dipped in brown sugar icing and crunchy cobbler topping.

Banana Puddin’ – an unglazed doughnut filled with banana pudding made with wafers and banana pudding KREME, dipped in yellow icing, with white icing swirls and wafer cookie pieces.

Chocolate Crème Pie – an Original Glazed® doughnut topped with a swirl of chocolate brownie cream and vanilla whipped topping, sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumble.

Dolly Parton’s Southern Sweets Collection at Krispy Kreme (Photo: Krispy Kreme / Facebook)

If you don’t feel like paying full price for Dolly’s donuts, don’t worry – there’s a way you can get them for free! All you have to do is go to your local Krispy Kreme dressed like Dolly Parton!

Will you be going to try out these Dolly Parton donuts? If you do, let us know how they are!

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