ACM Shares Hilarious Bloopers Of Hosts Garth Brooks & Dolly Parton

ACM Shares Hilarious Bloopers Of Hosts Garth Brooks & Dolly Parton | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Garth Brooks & Dolly Parton Bring The Laughs In Promo Videos For ACM Awards

Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton are serving as the hosts of this year’s ACM Awards. Parton has hosted the ceremony before (and others) but this is Brooks’ first time host an awards show.

Although he’s a bit nervous, Brooks knows he’s in good hands with Parton as his partner.


In the weeks leading up to the ACM Awards, Brooks and Parton filmed some videos to promote the ceremony. One of those videos shows them teasing each other and flirting in the dressing room.

One hilarious moment has Parton telling Brooks she’s going to “make this the best night of his life. Brooks clarifies, “We’re talking about hosting the ACM award show, right?

The pair filmed another promotional clip when they shared some of their favorite ACM Awards memories. Or at least, Parton did!

She recalled one year when she hosted the ceremony in the past. It was the year after Reba McEntire hosted, and Parton joked she wanted to look just as good as she did!


Parton said she could feel her zipper “sliding down” and felt like she “could pop anything at any moment.” Brooks said his favorite memory couldn’t even come close to competing with that.

Things got even more hilarious when Parton revealed her after-ceremony ritual. She said she gets undressed, orders room service, and “eat[s] everything in sight.”

When she asked Brooks what he does after the ceremony, he quipped, “I go around dressed as a room service guy, so…

Garth Brooks & Dolly Parton’s Bloopers Are Also Hilarious

As if the promotional videos themselves weren’t funny enough, Brooks and Parton also have some hilarious bloopers from the time they spent filming together. The ACM released those bloopers on Wednesday (May 10).

One of the funniest outtakes is when Brooks asks Parton if she’s going to just say her first name when they read their lines. She jokes, “I’m just going to say Dolly. [If] They don’t know who we are by now, they don’t need to be watching this show.” That made Brooks chuckle!

In another comical moment, Parton asks, “Did I sound like I was out of breath?” she then smiles at the camera and says, “I was.”

You can watch all of Brooks and Parton’s hilarious bloopers in the clip below. We can’t wait to see them host the ACM Awards together!

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