What’s The Best Elvis Christmas Song? (Poll)

What’s The Best Elvis Christmas Song? (Poll) | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Every December, we’re greeted by the familiar sounds of songs that have been passed down from one year to the next. Many of these songs have been around for decades, and become beloved even by those who weren’t yet born when they were first released.

A few artists are known for having a voice that defines the Christmas season, and Elvis Presley is one of them. His holiday songs are some of the most-played Christmas songs of all time, and are also some of the most successful songs of his career.

As you’ve been gearing up for Christmas this year, we’re sure you’ve had the time to hear a few of Elvis’ classic Christmas tunes. Now, we’d like to know which one of those songs you think is the best! 

You could go with one of the popular options that everyone has always loved. Or maybe you think the best Elvis Christmas song is one that has been more of a hidden gem. Either way, we’d like to hear from you in our poll below!

Be sure to scroll so you catch all of the available choices. Merry Christmas everyone!

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