What’s The Best Classic Country Christmas Song? (Poll)

What’s The Best Classic Country Christmas Song? (Poll) | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Every year, more and more country artists decide to record Christmas albums. It seems like almost every artist has a holiday record under their belt, or at least has recorded a Christmas single or two.

While modern artists certainly record original Christmas songs, many of the tunes they opt to sing are the popular, go-to Christmas songs everyone knows and loves. Others choose to keep it country, and sing songs that were popularized by the artists who came before them.

Due to their timeless nature, classic country Christmas songs have been passed down for generations. We’re sure you’ve been listening to some of those songs as you have been preparing to welcome the Christmas season.

Now, we want you to vote for which classic country Christmas song you think is the brightest bulb in the box. We have seven choices for you to pick from by scrolling through our poll. If you’d like to vote for a song that doesn’t appear in the poll, you can do so by leaving us a comment with its title!

We’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas this year!

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