Video Surfaces Of Young George Strait Singing 1st Single On A Boat

Video Surfaces Of Young George Strait Singing 1st Single On A Boat | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

James Stiltner / YouTube

How “King George” Got His Start

Country music legend George Strait made his debut in 1981. Despite releasing a few songs in years prior, none of them made an impact. Finally, Strait found success following the release of his first single with a major label.

That song was called “Unwound. Before long, the track helped Strait establish a place in the country music industry.

Since then, Strait has gone on to break countless records. He currently holds the title for the most number one country hits of all time, with a whopping total 61 chart-toppers.

A Surpising History

“Unwound” also helped Strait’s career in another huge way. It started his years-long partnership with songwriter Dean Dillon, who co-wrote the track. He has since written or co-written over 40 of Strait’s songs.

Fans may be surprised to learn that Dillon and his co-songwriter Frank Dycus wrote “Unwound” for another country singer first…Johnny Paycheck. However, the “Take This Job and Shove It” singer was unable to record “Unwound,” since he was in jail at the time.

Record producer Blake Mevis ended up approaching Dillon and Dycus with a question. He asked if they had any songs available for Strait to sing. They gave him “Unwound,” and the rest is history.

Making Waves With A Cool Performance

“Unwound” was an immediate hit for Strait. It peaked at the sixth spot on the chart, leading to a quick rise to fame.

A few years ago, a video popped up in YouTube that shows a young Strait singing “Unwound.” What made the clip extra interesting is the fact he was singing from the top of a boat!

This clip showcases Strait’s raw talent and stage presence, further highlighting why he’s now called “The King of Country.” Plus, it features a pretty cool venue! Check out the video below.

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