Travis Tritt Walks Up To Wild Deer And Pets It

Travis Tritt Walks Up To Wild Deer And Pets It | Classic Country Music Videos

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Travis Tritt got the surprise of a lifetime when he was reunited with an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. Luckily for us, he captured the reunion on video.

Back in 2019, Travis and his wife, Teresa, were on their farm when she noticed a deer near the trees. It just happened to be “one of the deer she raised when this little buck was orphaned as a baby.” Travis began filming as she made her way over to the deer.


As Theresa slowly walks over to the deer, it notices her immediately but does not run. The deer actually starts walking toward her! At first, he is very timid, keeping a distance between Theresa’s reaching hand and himself. It is obvious that the deer either trusts or remembers Theresa as it does not run but rather investigates.


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Now, over three years later, Travis himself came across the deer, which they named Oakley, while walking around his property. Travis started filming thee deer, which approached him calmly.

The country singer said to Oakley, “What’s up buddy?! How ya doing?”

When Travis told the deer, “Come here,” it got closer so he could pet it! Incredible!

Travis shared the encounter on his Instagram page and wrote, “He was an orphaned deer that my wife bottle fed and raised from a baby. He used to hang out on our pool deck as a fawn. I had not seen him in years until tonight. He obviously remembered me and came right up to me as if he had he had never forgotten who I was and knew I wasn’t a threat to him. Nature is amazing!”

See the full video below.

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