Travis Tritt Narrowly Avoids Fatal Accident

Travis Tritt Narrowly Avoids Fatal Accident | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The famous classic country star was left disturbed and shaken after being involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two people.

Travis Tritt shared the harrowing ordeal on social media early Saturday morning (May 18th, 2019) to the great shock and surprise of fans – and his family. Moreover, it left the country star himself shaken and grateful for the safety of himself and his crew, but really highlighted the fragility of life…and how one poor choice can end it all in just a few seconds.

“We were just involved in a fatal accident,” Travis Tritt wrote on Twitter, explaining the tragedy occurred just outside of Myrtle Beach where they had finished performing at the House of Blues.

The post, which included a photo showing the mangled wreckage of a Jeep and an unknown pickup who had collided head-on, explained the tragedy of the events that transpired.

According to Tritt, who says he was shaken by the accident, his tour bus was sideswiped by the Jeep who was driving in the wrong direction and collided head0-on with the pickup truck – claiming the lives of two people.

“The Jeep driver hit a pickup truck head-on right in front of us,” Tritt wrote on Instagram. “Thank God we are all okay. I feel so bad for those who died needlessly tonight. I’m literally shaken by what I witnessed.”

“God bless those who died and their families. Two human beings died tonight for no reason other than stupidity. I’m saddened beyond belief!”

In other posts on Twitter, Tritt added more context to the tragic situation, explaining that officials believe alcohol was involved in the crash and stated his own tour bus just sustained minor damage – and adding the sobering reminder that “bus damage can be fixed, but lives cannot be replaced.”

Travis Tritt’s wife, Theresa Nelson, posted on her personal Facebook some details from officials, saying that they believe the Jeep was driving in the wrong direction for eight miles in the wrong way until they finally struck the pickup truck going upwards of 70 miles per hour.

“The wife in the passenger seat of the truck died, and the driver of the Jeep also died.”

The man who was driving the pickup truck is in the hospital, and luckily, all of Travis Tritt’s crew and himself were uninjured in the event.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this needless tragedy and loss.

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