Tom Hanks Launches New Country Radio Station

Tom Hanks Launches New Country Radio Station | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Tom Hanks has launched a commercial-free station that features country artists from the 50s-70s.

Tom Hanks and Debbie Daughtry put the work into making their dream a reality. They did this by digging through record bins and their own personal record collections to find country music’s best hits and forgotten favorites from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The result was Country A-Go-Go, a commercial-free radio station devoted to showing the transition of American culture through three decades of country music. This is the second radio station from Tom Hanks and Debbie Daughtry, the first being Boss Radio 66—a station dedicated to classic rock 45s.

Country A-Go-Go pays tribute to classic country legends showcasing classic songs from legendary artists such as Hank Williams, Jean Shepherd, Tammy Wynette, and George Jones. The station will also feature undiscovered artists of the 50s, 60s, and 70s who had an influence on country music that can still be heard in today’s top songs. Country A-Go-Go encapsulates the spirit of those eras with its carefully selected playlist, even including vintage audio commercials to take listeners on a nostalgic journey back in time.

The commercial-free station will show the transition of American culture over the span of three different decades through the lens of country music.


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Daughtry clued us in on their vision for the station, stating:

“This is the music that I grew up with, and still influences the music that I love to this day. The new generation of country music artists are amazing. The genre is having a huge comeback right now. Just take a listen to Garth’s new station, The Big 615! Country A-Go-Go reconnects listeners with country music’s origins to hear the legends that gave country its soul. This station is for any country music fan that wants to hear great music from a very influential time in history.”

The station’s debut is very timely

The station has debuted during Hank William’s 100th birthday week. To celebrate this important week in music history, the station is incorporating old Hank Williams recordings.

While there are many good country radio stations, Country A-Go-Go takes you back in time to the classic country music we all know and love.

Yet another win for Tom Hanks!

To listen to Country A-Go-Go, click HERE.

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