Tim McGraw Flaunts Fit Physique & Massive Catch After Day Of Fishing

Tim McGraw Flaunts Fit Physique & Massive Catch After Day Of Fishing | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Tim McGraw / Instagram

Two Country Stars Enjoy Tropical Paradise

If Tim McGraw and Faith Hill aren’t on the road or at their Nashville residence, you can find them at their vacation home located on a gorgeous private island in the Bahamas.

The country couple’s home away from home was the subject of a featured story in Architectural Digest in 2017. 

As they were constructing everything, Hill said one of the most important things to them was to make sure the house was a part of nature.

We wanted to feel connected to the outside,” she said.

Tim The Spearfisher

That connection is something that Hill and McGraw experience even when they are not inside the walls of their vacation home. The two often enjoy the gorgeous blue waters that surround the island, which serve as the setting for one of McGraw’s all-time favorite activities.

If you follow McGraw on social media, you’ll find that in between concert photos and promotional images, you’ll occasionally find a picture of him wearing swim trunks and holding up a fish in front of the camera. That’s because whenever he’s in the Bahamas, McGraw loves to go spearfishing!


McGraw does things the old-fashioned way, opting to fish with a pole spear. He also free dives, which means he uses no tanks underwater.

After putting in all of that hard work, it’s no wonder why McGraw likes to show off his catches on social media!


Tim’s Big Catch

Recently, it seems that McGraw enjoyed a more successful fishing trip than others, bringing back a ton of fish from just a single day of spearfishing!

In a mind-boggling photo, the country superstar can be seen crouching in front of a bag containing a whole bunch of fish. There has to be at least two dozen in there! He must have had some help, since he wrote “we” in the caption when describing the type of spear he uses.

Through the caption, McGraw explained that none of the fish would go to waste, since he eats them and also shares them with the locals.

Tim McGraw / Instagram

We’re sure the locals were thrilled when McGraw came to share all of those fish with them! 

After a long and surely tiring day of spearfishing, we hope McGraw got the chance to get some rest. His vacation home certainly looks like a relaxing place, as you can see in the video below.

McGraw and Hill have truly created their own personal paradise out there!  

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