The Voice: Ruby Leigh Says She’s “Complete” After Reba Cries During Her Performance

The Voice: Ruby Leigh Says She’s “Complete” After Reba Cries During Her Performance | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Ruby Leigh’s performance of Reba’s hit song,”You Lie,” brought many people to tears, including Reba.

Ruby Leigh has been making waves on this season of The Voice. Her rich voice and mature demeanor make her stand out due to her young age. The 16-year-old has made Reba a proud coach after flawlessly performing McEntire’s hit, “You Lie,” on Monday night. Ruby’s powerful rendition of the 1990 heartbreak song made Reba cry.

Ruby had the sweetest response to Reba’s tears.

After the show, Ruby told PEOPLE, “It touched my heart. I’m like, ‘At least I did a good job. I made Reba happy — I’m complete.'” Ruby added, “Walking off she was just telling me that I did everything that she told me to and that she was really proud of me.”

“She said I really connected with her on that song and she really felt it, so that was one of the highlights for me.”

Ruby Leigh “blew it out of the water” according to the “Fancy” singer. It was a touching moment on the show leaving many people emotional.

“You blew it out of the water,” Reba shared while wiping tears from her eyes. “Gwen [Stefani] and I are bawling!”


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Many people think of The Voice coaches changing the lives of the contestants, but sometimes it’s the other way around.

Ruby Leigh and Reba seemingly have a very tight relationship. Reba shared that Ruby has shown her what it must have felt like for her mom to be proud of her.

“Reba is the sweetest person ever. She is like pumpkin pie as a person. She is so awesome. She has also taught me so much. The knowledge she has is incredible,” Ruby shares.

“One thing for sure is she helps me get grounded into the emotion of a song. Not just singing it like you’re sad — you’re an actor when you’re onstage too,” Ruby continued. “Her crying during my playoff, she said she finally knew what it was like for her mom to be so proud of her. She treats me so well. I don’t think I could’ve picked another coach.”

Watch the video below to see Ruby’s emotional performance of “You Lie.

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