Singer Honors Johnny Cash With “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

Singer Honors Johnny Cash With “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Johnny Cash‘s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” has been a fan-favorite since he first released it in 2003. Since then, many artists have covered the harrowing song successfully but one young girl decided to give it a rock and roll twist and the video will leave you breathless.

Cash’s Gospel

Cash originally took the traditional folk gospel song and turned it into something more his style. The song was passed down through generations of artists and was even covered by gospel singer, Odetta, who Cash was a huge fan of himself.

While Cash’s version added some country-rock feels to the tune, the lyrics themselves are haunting enough.

Cash warned, “You can run on for a long time/ Run on for a long time/ Run on for a long time/ Sooner or later, God’ll cut you down/ Sooner or later, God’ll cut you down.”

A Haunting Cover

So when singer-songwriter Aileeah Colgan wanted a slow-burning ballad to cover, the warning lyrics of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” as sung by Cash were the perfect fit. Powder blue guitar in hand, the feisty singer gave her own edgy take on the country classic.

Aileeah Colgan/YouTube

Her video features her singing amongst a variety of images presented in an eerie way. Throughout the entire film, her voice rings out giving the same warning to sinners as Cash did years ago.

Aileeah feels right at home singing gospel tunes. According to her social media sites, she is “the daughter of a Baptist-preaching father and a gospel-singing mother.” Growing up singing in the church choir herself, she fell in love with classic artists like Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn among others.

You can watch her full video tribute to Johnny Cash below. 

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