Priscilla Presley Posts Old Photo Of “Sweet” Surprise Gift From Elvis

Priscilla Presley Posts Old Photo Of “Sweet” Surprise Gift From Elvis | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Elvis Surprised Priscilla With A Special Gift When She Arrived To Stay With Him In Memphis

When Priscilla Beaulieu came to stay with Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis, “The King” surprised her with a gift. Priscilla recently uncovered an old photo of that special present.

Priscilla and Elvis were married from 1967 until their divorce in 1973. They shared one daughter, Lisa Marie (who died in 2023).

Elvis gave Priscilla a surprise gift when she moved to Memphis. Here, they're photographed at their 1967 wedding.
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Elvis passed away in 1977. Since then, Priscilla has worked to keep his legacy alive, particularly through Graceland, which she was instrumental in helping turn into the beloved tourist destination it is today.

She often posts about Elvis on social media, and shares stories of their life together. She shared one of those stories when she posted the picture of the surprise gift he got her years ago…a little Poodle puppy.

Priscilla Says The Puppy Elvis Gave Her Was “Very Sweet And So Loving”

Priscilla recalled how Elvis presented her “with a darling little Poodle” when she arrived in Memphis. She named the puppy “Honey.”

He was very sweet and so loving,” Priscilla said while remembering her beloved canine companion. “He followed me everywhere. He also traveled with me.”

The picture Priscilla posted shows her holding Honey after returning to Memphis following a trip to Los Angeles. “Little did I know a photographer was at the Memphis airport and took the photo as I left the plane,” she said.

While responding to fans in the comments, Priscilla shared that she had Honey “for many years.” She said she still misses him and “all the beautiful pets” she’s had throughout her life.


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The 2023 movie Priscilla includes a scene referencing when Elvis gave Priscilla her special surprise gift. The scene shows Priscilla discovering the puppy, which Elvis got for her to have at Graceland while he was away.

You can watch Priscilla break down more scenes from the movie and share the real-life stories behind them in the video below.

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