Merle Haggard Once Bought The Largest Round Of Drinks & Held A Guinness World Record For It

Merle Haggard Once Bought The Largest Round Of Drinks & Held A Guinness World Record For It | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Merle Haggard, the iconic country music legend, made headlines not just for his timeless music but also for his remarkable feat as a generous party host.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be treated by Merle Haggard to a round of drinks? Well, back in 1983, lucky patrons at Billy Bob’s Texas got to experience just that.

It was a memorable evening, as Merle was celebrating his 28th hit song, “C.C. Waterback,” from his duets album with George Jones, “A Taste Of Yesterday’s Wine.” The air was thick with excitement as Merle decided to make a lasting impression by purchasing a staggering 5,095 shots of the popular whiskey concoction.

For those who don’t know, a “C.C. Waterback” is a shot of Canadian Club whiskey followed by a refreshing water chaser. Merle’s generosity knew no bounds that night, as he bought every single person in the bar a shot. Can you imagine the cheers that must have erupted as the shots flowed freely?

The total bill for this extravagant gesture amounted to $12,737.50, a princely sum even by today’s standards. In fact, if we were to recreate that epic round of drinks today, it would cost over $40,000!

The sheer scale of Merle’s generosity was undeniable, and he deservedly received the check from none other than Billy Bob Barnett himself, the owner of the famous establishment. To top it off, Billy Bob offered Merle a drink on the house, a gesture that the country superstar gladly accepted.

Merle’s feat was so impressive that it earned him a coveted place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

For over three decades, his record remained unchallenged, until 2016 when a British brewery purchased a staggering 412 beers at a pub to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. Now, you might be thinking that 412 beers pale in comparison to Merle’s 5,095 shots, and you’d be right. However, when you consider the volume of alcohol, the brewery’s 42 gallons narrowly surpassed Merle’s 40 gallons.

The question on everyone’s mind now is, who will step up to the challenge and attempt to beat the new record? It’s a tantalizing prospect, and the bar has been set high by the one and only Merle Haggard. As we ponder this, let’s take a moment to appreciate the classic hit that marked this extraordinary occasion, “C.C. Waterback.” Press play and let the twang of Merle’s voice transport you back to that memorable night at Billy Bob’s Texas.

With records like these, it’s no wonder that Merle Haggard continues to captivate the hearts of country music fans around the world. His legacy as a musical pioneer and a generous soul will forever be etched in history. Cheers to you, Merle!

Listen To Merle’s Hit Record “C.C. Waterbacks” Below

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