Martina McBride Shares Thankfulness For Love & Life In “Blessed”

Martina McBride Shares Thankfulness For Love & Life In “Blessed” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Martina McBride’s “Blessed” Is A Song That Warms The Heart

Martina McBride has provided us with many heartwarming songs over the years, but none more so than 2001’s “Blessed.”

Released as the second single off of her Greatest Hits album, “Blessed” was a #1 country hit. It also managed to cross over to the pop chart, where it peaked at the 31st spot.

Written by Brett James, Hillary Lindsey, and Troy Verges, “Blessed” serves as Martina’s way of expressing her thankfulness for the wonderful things and people in her life. Knowing that her life is full of blessings, she thanks God daily for everything he’s given her.

The song’s heartfelt message was further expressed through its music video. Directed by Deaton Flanigen, the video shows Martina in an almost fairytale-like woodland setting.

Martina McBride / YouTube

Martina is wearing a beautiful gown and stands on a small dock overlooking a pond. With flowers and brightly-colored trees surrounding her, Martina sings about the beauty she finds in being so “blessed” in life.

Although Martina didn’t write “Blessed,” the song seemed like the perfect fit for her. Troy said they had her in mind when they wrote it, telling 94.9 Star Country,We wrote it for Martina, then we pitched it to her – and it ended up with her.

Martina Gave The “Blessed” Music Video A Personal Touch By Including Her Husband & Two Daughters

Since Martina felt such a strong connection to “Blessed,” it’s no surprise that she added a personal element to the music video.

Her husband and two of their daughters, Delaney and Emma, appeared in the video. Her youngest daughter, Ava, was born four years later in 2005.

We’re sure that may be hard for some of you to believe since Delaney and Emma were just little girls when they were in the music video for “Blessed.” Now, they’re all grown up.


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You can watch Delaney and Emma sweetly interact with their mother and father in the video for “Blessed” below. This clip will always touch our hearts, no matter how often we watch it.

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