Loretta Lynn Shares Some Of Her First Photos In Months & She Looks Gorgeous

Loretta Lynn Shares Some Of Her First Photos In Months & She Looks Gorgeous | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Up until May 2017, Loretta Lynn was still active as a performer, touring all over the country with even more dates scheduled for the future. That all changed that month when she suffered a stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

While the public and fellow artists were understandably worried about the country legend’s health, she was able to make a full recovery. She cancelled all of the shows she had on the books, and shelved her plans to release a new album, titled Wouldn’t It Be Great.

But just months after her stroke, Lynn was back on stage and singing at the Tennessee Motorcycle and Music Revival event at her ranch.

After making a full recovery from her stroke, Lynn was ready to get back to work again. Plans to release Wouldn’t It Be Great in early 2018 were established, and fans anxiously waited to hear the new album.

However, the album’s release date was postponed yet again when Lynn suffered a fall at her home on New Year’s Day and fractured her hip. The injury forced Lynn to cancel her only scheduled performance for the year.

Lynn kept out of the public eye for a while as she took some time to rest. Finally, in July fans got the chance to see the country legend for the first time in a while when she shared a photo on her official Facebook page from the filming of a new music video.

For some reason, that photo has since been removed from her page. But don’t worry, because Lynn just shared a brand-new batch of photos, and she’s looking gorgeous!

The photos show a smiling Lynn getting her hair and makeup done for an interview. Lynn explained that the interview was for her “latest project” and encouraged everyone to get excited, saying, “Get ready y’all, it’s coming!


Doesn’t she look wonderful?

One can only hope that Lynn’s latest project is Wouldn’t It Be Great. After being shelved for so long, a ton of country fans are anxious to get their hands on that album.

In the meantime, enjoy one of Lynn’s most recent songs, “Lay Me Down,” a duet she performs with Willie Nelson.

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