John Wayne’s Daughter Describes What He Was Like As A Father

John Wayne’s Daughter Describes What He Was Like As A Father | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Few people realize that on top of being one of the world’s biggest movie stars, John Wayne was also a father of seven. He had four daughters and three sons.

Many of John’s children grew up to become involved in the entertainment industry themselves. Their love of the movie/TV world likely stemmed from the time they spent on set while John was filming. Some of the kids even had roles in his movies!

Although “The Duke” maintained a busy filming schedule, he always carved out time for his kids. His daughter, Melinda, fondly remembered the time spent with him while she and her siblings were growing up.

The team who runs John’s official social media pages loves to share candid pictures of him with his kids. One day, they posted a picture of him and his daughter, along with a quote from Melinda describing what he was like as a dad.

His daughter Melinda remembers him as a normal father,” John’s team captioned the photo. They then quoted Melinda as saying that John “…was a man of honor, I loved being my father’s daughter.”

Melinda had small roles in some of John’s films, but eventually decided not to pursue an acting career. She shared five children with her ex-husband Gregory Robert Munoz. Sadly, Melinda passed away in April 2022.

If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Melinda, you knew how warm, welcoming, and passionate she was and chances are, she probably made you laugh!” read a statement on John’s official social media pages.

Learn more about all seven of John’s kids by reading this article introducing them. Also, please enjoy the below video of John and his two youngest children, Ethan and Marissa, in a commercial for Great Western Bank that was released in 1977.

You can tell “The Duke” loved being a father.

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