‘Iconic’ Elvis & Priscilla Photo Recreated By Cindy Crawford’s Daughter & New Boyfriend

‘Iconic’ Elvis & Priscilla Photo Recreated By Cindy Crawford’s Daughter & New Boyfriend | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Kaia Gerber / Instagram, RADIO BIRIKINA / Facebook

Every year on Halloween, countless people dress as The King of Rock and Roll. Heck, people dress like him every day of the year!

Just last year, actor Jason Mamoa put his best foot forward as Elvis Presley during an appearance on The Ellen Show.

But it seems that someone has taken the title for best portrayal of The King from Momoa. This year, Kaia Gerber, the daughter of iconic model Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber, and her new boyfriend, actor Jacob Elordi, dressed as Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla for Halloween.

Instead of opting for the Presley’s wedding look like most couples do, they opted for another iconic photo from their years-long marriage.

Jacob, who rose to fame thanks to Netflix’s The Kissing Booth and his starring role on HBO’s Euphoria, wore aviator sunglasses, a prop cigarette, a blue suit, and held a walking stick similar to the one Elvis held in the photo above. Kaia looked the part in a purple top, dark purple pants, and spot-on hair and make-up.


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Elvis’ official social accounts took notice and shared Jacob and Kaia’s recreation online.

The love of Elvis might run deep in the Gerber family, seeing as her brother’s name is Presley!

Check out more pictures from Jacob and Kaia’s Halloween look below.

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