Dolly Parton’s Sister, Stella, Calls Out Elle King After Drunken Tribute Performance

Dolly Parton’s Sister, Stella, Calls Out Elle King After Drunken Tribute Performance | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Stella Parton, younger sister of country legend Dolly Parton, took to social media to call out Elle King after her drunken performance at the Opry on Friday (Jan. 19).

Elle King, singer, songwriter and daughter of comedian Rob Schneider, made headlines after she performed on the Grand Ole Opry drunk on Friday. King’s performance was part of “Opry Goes Dolly,” a celebration of Dolly’s 78th birthday held at the Ryman Auditorium.

When King took the stage, she introduced herself and told the crowd, “I’m f***ing hammered.” She continued with her profanity-laced dialogue, even interacting with hecklers from the crowd before attempting to sing Dolly’s 2001 hit, “Marry Me.” King then changed the lyrics to the song, instead singing “I don’t give a s***” and “I don’t know the lyrics to these things in this f***ing town … Don’t tell Dolly ‘cause it’s her birthday.” 


Grand Ole Opry Apologizes For Elle King’s Profanity

Fans took to social media to express their outrage over Elle’s performance and showed concern for her well-being. One reaction came from a fan who witnessed the event first-hand.

“Elle King ruined the night with her horrible, drunk, and profane performance. Dolly Parton would’ve been mortified. For our first time at the Opry, it was a shame we all had to witness that… It was such a disappointment to spend $300 on tickets for a show where one of the artists ruined an entire night,” the user wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

In a public statement from the Grand Ole Opry, the only one since the incident, they responded to the fan, saying, “We deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during last night’s second Opry performance.”

Stella Parton Calls Out Elle King

In a lengthy interaction with fans on X late Sunday night, Dolly’s younger sister, Stella, called out Elle King. Stella wrote:

“I didn’t see nor hear the Grand Ole Opry birthday tribute to my big sister Dolly over the weekend. But some lil girl by the name of Elle King apparently cussed and insulted some of Dolly’s fans by not knowing a song. She did admit to being ‘hammered’ her word not mine.”

She continued by saying it wasn’t the first time a “hillbilly” sang on the hallowed Opry stage drunk. She further implied that the Opry only apologized because Elle is female.

“I guess it’s ok if you’re a male but good lord don’t ever let a girl behave that way folks! Double f***ing standard if ya ask me. So the Opry is apologizing! Lol”

Monday morning Stella shared more on the platform, saying that Taylor Swift would never “just p*** on the star circle” of a “sacred space.”

“Since we’re comparing apples to oranges on here. I’m still stewing and thinking bout how any lil spoiled brat with an opportunity to sing on the Opry to pay tribute to a legendary songwriter like Dolly Parton would just piss on the star circle on the stage. Taylor Swift wouldn’t,” wrote Stella.

“For every singer, country or otherwise who has ever graced that stage and every fan who has ever sat in that audience we consider it a sacred space and a devine opportunity …  I’ve never seen it do men or women any good to disrespect an audience.”

Stella discouraged commenters from making the incident political. Elle King’s dad, Rob Schneider, is an outspoken conservative and some fans brought up the point in comments made on Stella Parton’s post.

Stella Parton responds to fan's comment about Elle King's Opry performance.
Stella Parton/X/Twitter

Both Dolly Parton and Elle King haven’t spoken out since Friday’s performance. Watch clips of Elle King’s controversial Grand Ole Opry appearance below. (Viewer discretion is advised due to profanity.)

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