Dolly Parton Performs Unreleased Song In Honor Of Late Mother

Dolly Parton Performs Unreleased Song In Honor Of Late Mother | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Country legend Dolly Parton knows that she wouldn’t be the singer and musician she is today without the loving support from her biggest fan – her mama!

Parton has told many stories about her mama, Avie Lee, including in the song “Coat Of Many Colors,” where her mama sewed her a coat out of different colored scraps of fabric.

Another story some may not know is about the first song a young Dolly ever wrote. She was just a kid and couldn’t even write yet. Dolly wrote a song about her corncob doll and Avie Lee wrote the lyrics down for her. According to Dolly, she’s “been singing ever since!”

Every Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet for Parton, who lost her beloved mama in 2003. In 2019, she paid tribute to Avie Lee with a photo of the two of them and the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama, and all the mothers with us and looking down on us ?

This year, instead of posting a photo tribute, Parton performed a sweet song for her mama.

Introducing the acoustic song, Parton said, “I don’t have my mom here anymore, but I wrote a beautiful song about her that I thought might fit everybody’s mama. Some of us are lucky enough to have our mom’s still, some of us have moms in nursing homes, some of us are lucky enough to still be living at home with our mamas.”

Watch the sweet performance below.

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