1 Day After Losing Father, Whey Jennings Honors Him With ‘Favorite’ Waylon Song

1 Day After Losing Father, Whey Jennings Honors Him With ‘Favorite’ Waylon Song | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Waylon’s Son Shares His Life Story

Waylon Jennings was only 19 years old when his first child, son Terry, was born. As a result, the two basically grew up together, with Terry saying they had “more of a brother-brother relationship” than that of a father and son.

Terry dropped out of school at the age of 15, and joined his dad on tour. He wrote about that whole experience and many others in his book Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad.

While he never got into singing like his half brother, Shooter (son of Waylon and Jessi Colter), Terry passed the musical torch on to one of his own children.

His son, Whey, is a country singer, and is often recognized for looking and sounding a lot like his grandpa.


Father & Son Plan To Celebrate Waylon’s Dukes Legacy

Together, Whey and Terry had planned to celebrate one of Waylon’s greatest career moments during an event that took place on January 26. The event was celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Dukes of Hazzard‘s debut…and if y’all know anything about Waylon, then you know how that show was an iconic part of his career.

Waylon played the role of the “balladeer” in the series, serving as the narrator and the singer behind the show’s opening song. Even those who have never seen a single episode of Dukes can likely recite at least part of Waylon’s theme.

However, a somber cloud hung over what was supposed to be a celebratory night for Whey and all who took part in the Dukes anniversary event. That’s because just one day prior, Terry passed away.

Sharing The Sad News

Terry’s unexpected passing was announced by his son, Josh, on Terry’s official Facebook page.


This is Terry’s son Josh and with a heavy heart I am here to inform you all that my father passed earlier this morning,” he wrote.

Terry’s brother Shooter took to social media to mourn, writing, “So sad to see ya go, Terry. I love you.”


Whey’s manager, Tammy, spoke on Whey’s behalf after his father’s passing, saying that Whey still planned to participate in the Dukes celebration in his honor.

After discussion with his family , and in honor of now BOTH grandpa Waylon and father Terry , Whey has decided that he will continue on with the show. I pray that God gives whey and his family strength to pull thru (sic) this difficult time,” Tammy wrote.


And continue on with the show he did.

Reviving One Of Grandpa Waylon’s Songs

At one point during his performance, Whey took the time to dedicate a special song to his father. He told the crowd that he was going to sing “Jack of Diamonds,” a traditional Texas gambling folk song that was released on Waylon’s posthumous album Waylon Forever in 2008.

According to Whey, the track was his father’s favorite song of Waylon’s. Despite this, Whey had never gotten around to learning it, so he apologized to the crowd that he’d have to read the lyrics while he sang.

Before he kicked off his performance, Whey took just a brief moment to recognize his dad, saying, “This goes out to my father, and I love you daddy.”

One attendee caught Whey’s performance on film, and it’s quite emotional to watch. You can tell that the recent passing of his father was weighing heavy on his mind. An attendee who spoke to Classic Country Music said “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house” as Whey sang.

You can watch Whey’s emotional performance honoring his father by tuning in to the video below. We’re sure that both Terry and Waylon were smiling down on him in that moment.

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