Toby Keith Talks About His Marriage In One Of His Final Interviews

Toby Keith Talks About His Marriage In One Of His Final Interviews | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The late Toby Keith sat down with News 9’s Robin Marsh in late 2023 for what would be one of the final interviews of his lifetime. The pair sat in Toby’s home in Norman, Oklahoma, and talked all things music career, family, and of course, his cancer journey.

During the interview, Robin asked Toby to share a little about his wife, Tricia, and what she means to him. He smiled and said:

“She’s been a trooper. She’s the best nurse.” 

Toby recalled the first time they traveled to Houston for his cancer treatment and Tricia took charge and handled the copious amounts of paperwork required of them.

“It’s hard to stay with somebody this long,” Toby reflected. “You have to find that perfect person.” 

He and Tricia would have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary later this year. He goes on to compliment his wife:

“She’s a great mother. I have great kids and that’s all due to her.” 

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Toby Keith passed away tragically on February 5th, 2024

Toby Keith was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the fall of 2021 and battled the disease for over two years before it took his life on February 5th. He was 62 years old. The family shared the heartbreaking news in the early morning hours of February 6th, letting fans know that Toby passed peacefully with his family by his side.


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Meet Tricia Lucus, wife of Toby Keith

Toby and Tricia first met at an Oklahoma nightclub in 1981. They married in 1984 and have three children: Shelley (born to Tricia in 1980 and adopted by Toby in 1984), Krystal (born in 1985), and Stelen Keith (born in 1997).


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Tricia has been a quiet but mighty supporter of Toby’s career over the decades that they have been together. Even though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she has co-written some of Toby’s songs and has also helped with music video production. Tricia passionately works with the Toby Keith Foundation where she serves as Vice-President on the Board of Directors.

Toby credits his success to Tricia whom he calls a “strong-hearted and loving woman.”

Listen to Toby Keith talk about his marriage during one of his final interviews in the video below. Rest in peace, Toby! 

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