Tim McGraw Gets Teary-Eyed Recalling Memories Of His Mama

Tim McGraw Gets Teary-Eyed Recalling Memories Of His Mama | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The song resonates deeply with Tim, and in a recent interview with Access, he even admitted that he wished he had written it.

In the video interview with Access Hollywood’s Sibley Scoles, she asks Tim if during this time in close quarters 24/7 with his wife, Faith Hill, have they learned anything new about each other, in which he responds jokingly, “I get on her nerves about everything, I’m sure.” He continues to explain that he’s not great about picking up after himself, and he is very messy when he cooks, claiming he gets everything everywhere.

When asked about Faith’s birthday post to him, he laughed and said he “loved it” and that he had never seen that photo before. Tim revealed that the picture Faith posted was an inside joke between the two of them. “She’s always laughing at me putting up fishing pictures… she was sort of poking fun at me, I thought it was great.”


Talking about the lyric video for “I Called Mama,” Tim added that it was “pretty cool” to get creative with the video since they were unable to go out and shoot it.  “That’s what was special, to go back and look at all that stuff, and look at all those 8-millimeter… my grandpa… he shot all that on an 8-millimeter,” Tim referred to the photos featured in the video.

Tim appeared to start to get choked up as he shared how he felt about seeing photos of his mom from the past, “It was really cool to look back through that stuff and see my young mom… and all the things that I know that she went through.”

Referring to the bond he has with his mom, Tim shares what he carries with him because of what she’s taught him saying,  “She’s worked so hard and went through a lot when I was growing up and my sisters that I grew up with… got to witness how strong she was and how much she had and how much she had to go through and how much fight she has in her… she always taught us to dream bigger than your circumstances and I think that’s what I’ve always carried from my mom.”


Tim shared how nervous he was to call his mom when he decided to move to Nashville and pursue a career in country music. Reflecting on the call he said, “I remember calling her and deciding I wanted to move to Nashville and try to chase the dream of being a singer… I was scared to death to tell her and her response was, ‘I’m surprised you hadn’t done it already.'” 

As tears welled up in Tim’s eyes he admitted, “Ah, I’m getting all emotional.” 

It was such a sentimental and emotionally-raw moment with Tim.

It is very apparent how much Tim’s mom means to him, and they share an incredible bond.

Watch the full interview and the lyric video for “I Called Mama” below.

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