Tim McGraw Flaunts Toned & Tan Body In Fishing Photos

Tim McGraw Flaunts Toned & Tan Body In Fishing Photos | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Like many of us, Tim McGraw is ready for summer weather to arrive!

Even though the first day of spring is coming up on March 20, McGraw is already looking forward to the summer season. He is itching to get back in the water to partake in one of his favorite activities…free-dive spearfishing.

In October 2020, McGraw spoke with radio host Bobby Bones about his love of spearfishing. He said he doesn’t use any scuba gear…just a snorkle!

When Bones asked McGraw how he manages to hold his breath for that long, he explained:

When you go across the top and you look and you start to learn to spot the good fish, the big ones,” he said. “They’ll hide under rocks and stuff. And then you have to catch your breath, figure the current, how the current’s blowing. How do you wanna attack the fish? What’s your angle going to be? And then you, poof, take off down there and shoot it and bring it up.”

McGraw said during that interview his all-time biggest catch was a fish that weighed between 35-40 pounds. He often shows off the fish he catches on social media.

Since McGraw tends to swim in warm, tropical waters, he also places his fit physique on display whenever he’s showing off the fish he catches.

Recently, McGraw shared a post saying how he “can’t wait” to get back in the water and resume fishing again once summer comes. The post was accompanied by a series of photos in which he flaunted his tone and tanned body.

Several people commenting said they didn’t even notice the fish in the photos because they were too mesmerized by McGraw. One commenter joked, “Ummm… Who’s looking at the fish?!?! Faith is a lucky lady!

Look below to see the photos of McGraw that left his millions of followers impressed with his fishing skills and physical fitness. 

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