‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Barry Williams Says The Show Was “Intense” & “Awkward”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Barry Williams Says The Show Was “Intense” & “Awkward” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Puberty can be hard and difficult for any teenager. Now, imagine experiencing those years in full view of the public on a super popular TV series like The Brady Bunch.

66-year-old actor, Barry Williams recently appeared on Australia’s Today Extra and talked about the challenges of growing up in the middle of the public eye and also his years on camera on one of the biggest shows.

Williams starred as eldest Brady sibling, Greg Brady, from 1969-1974 and recently spoke out about how it was seriously stressful at times.

“The years were very intense years for me,” he said. “All my teen years, 14 to 20, were on The Brady Bunch.”

“There were a lot of changes. You could hear the voice changing, you could see the hair changing, you could see the growth spurts going on with all of us.”

“So, it was sometimes awkward and sometimes fun, but I’ve always enjoyed people watching the show,” he added.

The Brady Bunch aired for five seasons on ABC from 1969 to 1974 and its success spurred numerous spinoff titles.

In the many years since the original series left the air, Williams finished by saying that the cast has continued to remain close to this day.

“We maintain our relationships, we’ve seen all the major events of our lives together: marriages, children, sometimes marriages that split and things like that. Now our children are graduating and things like that. We’ve always had a Brady family together.”

Watch the video below to see the rest of the cast then and now.

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