Television Series About George Jones And Tammy Wynette In The Works

Television Series About George Jones And Tammy Wynette In The Works | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Georgette Jones Lennon/Instagram

George Jones and Tammy Wynette were one of the most legendary duos in country music history, both on and off the stage. Their marriage, the third for both country stars, was as tumultuous as it was successful as both were at the height of their careers when they wed in 1969. While books have been written and movies made about the country legends, for the first time a television series is in the works.

The couple’s daughter, Georgette Jones, shared the news on social media, saying:

“I finally signed a contract last week and had my 1st meeting with producers and writers today! We had originally planned to make a theater movie about my parents, but I’m very happy to say we’re doing something even better! Instead of having a 2 hour movie in the days of COVID where few are able to get to a theater, we are officially contracted to do an 8-10 episodes series (that means 8-10 hours of story) about Mom and Dad,” Jones wrote. “I’m cleared to announce, but will wait to give further details until we have it properly announced to the world.”

George and Tammy first met at a recording studio in Nashville in the mid-60s. Their paths often crossed due to the fact that they shared a booking company and Jones became friends with Wynette and her then-husband, Don Chapel.

According to his autobiography, Jones went to their house for supper one evening and overheard a fight between Tammy and Don during which Don cursed at Tammy. Jones wrote: “I felt rage fly all over me. I jumped from my chair, put my hands under the dinner table, and flipped it over. Dishes, utensils, and glasses flew in all directions. Don’s and Tammy’s eyes got about as big as the flying dinner plates.” Jones claimed that he told Wynette he loved her then and they were married in 1969.

Georgette Jones Lennon/Instagram

The following year the couple welcomed their only child together, daughter Georgette. Jones’s battle with alcohol eventually led to his divorce from Wynette in 1976, but the pair continued to tour and sing together. While Jones recorded numerous collaborations with various artists over the course of his career, his duets with Tammy Wynette were arguably the most beloved.

In 2011, Georgette Jones wrote a book about her famous parents called The Three of Us: Growing Up With Tammy and George. The memoir offers a candid look at Tammy Wynette “as a mother and how her substance abuse and dependency on men forever shaped her daughter’s relationships and approach to drugs and alcohol. She also reflects on applying the lessons she learned from both of her parents to raising her own twin sons and offers a heartwarming account of how she rediscovered the connection with her father after years of pain, missed opportunities, and lost time.”

It’s unclear if the new television series will be based on Georgette’s book and exactly what role of the only child of country music’s First Couple will be in the project, but there’s no doubt that fans of country music history and of George and Tammy will be anxiously awaiting the series’ release.

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