Tanya Tucker Asks For Prayers For Dog Kona – Has White Gums & Heartbeat Is ‘Very Irregular’

Tanya Tucker Asks For Prayers For Dog Kona – Has White Gums & Heartbeat Is ‘Very Irregular’ | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Anyone that has a pet knows that they aren’t just pets, they are members of the family!

Tanya Tucker knows this well.

Back in September, her daughter Layla’s dog passed away, and she wrote the following tribute, “I’ve no words to describe the loss felt when a pet leaves this earth, they’re nothing short of family. I can say that in life, the bond you have with a dog is as lasting and eternal as just about anything I can think of. Their little hearts come into our lives to teach us the true meaning of unconditional love and boundless loyalty.


Tucker herself is a proud dog mom of a few pups, an English bulldog named Stella, a golden retriever named Kona, and chihuahuas named Ricky Ray and Tito. You can see their pictures below.





While she shares photos of her dogs frequently, she refers to Kona as “my love” in several posts, much like this photo of her and the golden retriever in 2017.

“I’m on a boat! Out here with my love,” she wrote and just, “My love,” on another.



Because of her love for Kona, one of her most recent posts must have been so hard for her. On Saturday (October 19), Tucker shared a video of Kona laying down in the back of a SUV.

She captioned the video, “SOS. Prayers needed for Kona. We are rushing him to an emergency specialty vet clinic in Ontario, California. Please send your prayers our way. It would mean the world to us.”

In the video of Kona, she can be heard saying, “We’re about 20 miles away from the vet. His gums are still very, very white. His heart rate I think is about 89 beats per minute, but it’s very irregular.”

According to Barking Royalty, white gums are the easiest way to tell if your dog has a health problem. The site also says that pale gum color could indicate “heart problems, anemia, blood clotting disorder, kidney disease, internal bleeding, shock, rat poison, bloat, heavy metal poison, hypothermia, and cancer.”

Watch the video Tucker posted of Kona below, and keep her and the dog in your prayers.

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